Foursome For Trivia Tonight…

Hopefully we’ll do better than we did last week when four of us ‘Pods had a live trivia meet-up! In all honesty though, I don’t really care how we do! Let those other teams fret and sweat about how they do!

Those days of being an overly competitive trivia team are well behind me. What’s most important to me is spending quality time with other humans. Tonight, one of our players will be one whom is seldom able to join us, since he works as a commercial pilot. He is in town, as he told me, for “baby watch” for a family member. Let’s hope labor pains don’t happen tonight (unless that is good luck for our game, lol).

I’m happy to get whomever we can get to join us for trivia these days. So many of our players have moved out of state, out of town or off planet 🌏 (JK about that last thing). And some other players simply lost interest in trivia, fell off the radar somehow or had the audacity to call me a f—ing assh— and burn all social bridges. Yes, that really happened about five years ago, and all I can say is “good riddance to you, asshole!”

You’d think someone who was not generally available for weekend tournaments unless I begged him – would not be upset I’d I subbed him out with a more eager, willing and truth be told – better player who was almost always available for weekend tournaments. Boy was I wrong!

Now you see why I’m enjoying the more casual approach to trivia these days!

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