Is The Corner Brewery Shunning Smaller Trivia Teams?

We play trivia games occasionally in a trivia spot where every available trivia table in the trivia room accommodates six players or more. Also a spot where the host advises players to arrive early each week to save a table.

Now we’re being told to only choose certain tables – even if we arrive two hours before game time – if we don’t have at least six players? Really? We can get pushed off our table – even if we arrive two hours early to save it if we don’t have six players or more when games begin?

If so, be clear and consistent with the rules. Which tables specifically are smaller teams allowed to occupy without having to give up? Shitty folding tables? Do we have to sit at the kiddie table just because we can’t field a megateam?

Fuck that…what a kick in the head to be bullied out of a bar we began playing trivia games when they first served trivia in 2012…again, fuck that!

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