NO EGOT This Year For Lin-Manuel Miranda

I can’t be bothered to watch awards shows of any kind. It’s all part of my “Can’t be fucked” personality:

I was, however, rooting for Lin-Manuel-Miranda to win the Oscar for best original song just because when I rolled the dice to pick Oscar winners, he won the die roll. Also I hear Club EGOT has an executive washroom, and why would I not want people to be able to use it?

I recently tried to watch The Power of the Dog and gave up after about 20 minutes or so. Turns out I’m not any more of a Jane Campion movie fan now than I was when The Piano came out. We all have a “type” when it comes to movies, and this movie was NOT my type! Sometimes a movie isn’t that into you? Or do I have that reversed? If someone isn’t killed in the first 20 minutes of a Western, I ain’t investing my attention into it!

I’ll post a more detailed blog about how my die roll Oscar picks did at a later date!

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