Trivia Recap – Game # 642 – February 21, 2022 – Virtual Stump! Format

Note: This recap is abbreviated – the virtual host’s chat settings did not allow for questions to be copied/pasted – presumably to make it harder for teams to cheat? No idea…

We wagered zero on a final question about web sites – and managed to finish in first – after every single team missed the final question! It’s the second time in as many games that every single team missed the final question. Good thing we wagered zero, because our guesses for the answer would not have been anywhere close to the correct answers.

We had questions about what day of the month Juneteenth occurred, how many numbers are on an American roulette wheel (which we missed as well as every other team), oxygenated candy, and one of my favorite movies – in which a death scene involved being run over by a steam roller AND being run over by a bus.

Here was the mystery round for game one:

Missed 2 and 3.

Round two questions were about a supermarket themed game show’s theme song (we missed – we never watched the show), a singer who sang about a Sk8r Boi, which South American country is closest to Trinidad (which we missed) and about a disorder some folks get in the winter months involving a lack of natural light.

Here was the round two mystery round:

Missed 1, 2, and 4.

We were bottom dwellers with 36 points going into the final about web sites:

There are two letters that begin the URLs of multiple websites as listed in the top ten of U.S. Alexa rankings. Name either of those letters.

Our guesses were A and I, which would have both been wrong. Moved to first after every other team bet all of the marbles – and missed it.

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Avril Lavigne!

For those who continued to read, I’m only providing answers for questions I included in their entirety (so mystery rounds and final only).

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