Trivia Recap – Game # 641 – February 19, 2022 – Virtual Stump! Format

We were very, very excited to have been in second in a Stump! virtual game last Saturday night – and were even more excited to get “presidents” as our final question! Turns out EVERY SINGLE TEAM MISSED THE FINAL QUESTION. I can’t remember the last time that happened, especially in a virtual game.

But the highlight of the game was hearing my husband make up improvised lyrics for a 1970s TV show (I’ll get to those in a bit when I get to question).

Here were the questions:

Round One

1) Apps – On the dating app Tinder, in which direction does a user swipe to “like” another user and try to create a potential match? Being that the two of us playing on this night haven’t been single in a long time – or sneaking out to see whatever other suitors there might be out there – we were at a disadvantage for knowing this. Thankfully since we’ve heard this referenced in pop culture scenarios, we got it (as well as every other team).

2) Video Games – Lux, Draven, Annie, Teemo, Morgana, and Talon are all playable champions in what multiplayer online battle arena? Mike with the right guess here.

3) Ice Cream – According to the website for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, which flavor, combining Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie, has been a fan favorite since 2014 and is the #1 flavor of 2021? No idea, but OMG I have to see if I can find the Little Debbie cake inspired ice cream pints they are selling in grocery stores now (I would definitely want the zebra cake flavor).

Mystery One – Visual – Ahnold Movies 1990s Edition (we were both excited about this):

Got all of these correct – and we actually saw all of these!

Round Two

1) Books – Written by Tucker Max, what two words fill the blanks in the title of a 2006 autobiographical novel of short stories?

I Hope They _ _ in Hell

Interesting note about getting this right. We had this same question in a trivia tournament a few years ago. Anyone else remember “tournaments?” Cram a bunch of teams in a room, serve ’em beer and food, and ask them trivia questions that have cash prizes for the most smarty pants teams? Anyway, a player whom is now estranged from our team (I won’t get into the reasons here) turned out to know this question answer. And for some strange reason I remembered it.

2) Alt Rock – What continent is featured in the title of a 2000 album by Modest Mouse, which features the songs “3rd Planet,” “Paper Thin Walls,” and “Gravity Rides Everything?” We don’t know much about this band, but I said, “I think they’re kind of esoteric, so put down (blank) as your answer.” Turned out to be right!

3) Time – In the geologic time scale, which of the following is the shortest—period, epoch era, or age? Anyone remember the Tupperware Age? Asking for a friend…

4) Names – Also the name of a notable 20th century ship, what was the “L” name previously given to Portugal while it was an Iberian Roman province from 27 BC until around 410 AD? Mike really wanted to put down “Love Boat,” even though we knew the correct answer. Then he started singing the theme song with these alternative lyrics – “The Love….Boat…soon we’ll be getting an STD…” He almost made me choke on my chili mango Truly hard seltzer (that flavor is much, much more yummy than it sounds)!

Mystery Two – Food and Drink Cities

Name the food or drink that completes the name of the given U.S. location.

M1) _ Springs, Idaho (Carbonated water)

M2) _ Town, New Mexico (A baked dish that is often fruit filled)

M3) _, North Carolina (Bread exposed to high heat)

M4) _ _, Texas (Cream-filled

We actually thought about the right correct answer for #4, but thought it was too ridiculous. Now to put the city on our “must visit” list! We only got #2 and #3 correct.

We were in second with 46 points going into the final.

Final Category – Presidents

Which 20th century U.S. president was the first to serve at 70 years of age or older?

I don’t “like” that we missed this, but it happens…but nobody else got it either! We stayed in second.

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Vanessa Williams! Did you know that Suzette Charles, whom was from New Jersey, replaced Ms. Williams when she had to give up her crown because of the nude photos (she was young and she needed the money, let’s forgive her, people)! And did you also know that the character played by Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality when she infiltrated the beauty pageant was also from New Jersey? I tried to say there was a parallel with real life on this one, but Mike disagreed – he said “No, they made (Bullock’s character Gracie Freebush) from Jersey because only trashy people live there.” Hmmmmm…who’s right?

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Game # 641 – February 19, 2022 – Virtual Stump! Format

  1. round one
    right, league of legends, half baked, 1865
    round two
    serve beer, antarctica, age, lusitania (not love boat)
    mystery one
    eraser, true lies, kindergarten cop, total recall
    mystery two
    soda, pie, toast, ding dong
    final – dwight eisenhower

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