If I Only Knew The Cure For A Broken Heart…

My apologies for not having more to write right now, but…I’ve been busy! I cooked an epic dinner today – two types of chicken – and a beer cheese rice side dish with veggies from scratch (I made a roux based sauce, which requires some work – and a LOT of whisking)!

Funny yet sad story about yesterday, though. One of the two younger male co-workers whom has been assigned to work on my team told me that he had dated someone else who works for at the store for which I work. And apparently, it ended badly – and the poor sap was lovelorn. Heartbroken, and out of sorts. Now I *could* say “Snap out of it,” but sometimes I try to be nice! The struggle is real!

Rather than tsk tsk the guy for dating a co-worker (usually a bad, bad idea), at the end of the day, I attempted to put on my “wisdom hat.” And so I said…

If I knew the cure for a broken heart, I’d be a millionaire – and I wouldn’t be working here.

Me attempting to make a younger bro male coworker feel better about things

Sad to say the guy put in his two week notice! I guess I’m flattered he thought I was someone he could confide in? I may be older and slightly wiser, but I ain’t no expert in the love game.

Seriously, though – DO NOT DATE CO WORKERS! If it ends badly, you’re stuck with them for a spell! And nobody gossips more than your co-workers!

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