Will Trivia Recaps Be A Changin’?

Back in the long, long ago, or the “before times,” if you prefer – I used to at least attempt to write down trivia questions that I heard or saw at pub trivia games that I played. Then I would type up those questions and do “recaps” of trivia games. This was something I enjoyed doing for years as a hobby.

Then the pandemic hit, and everything was virtual for a while, now only partially virtual, partially in person. Playing virtually allowed me to be able to copy and paste questions from the virtual games so that readers would have word-for-word questions from the games, not just my “reasonable facsimiles” that they had to read before.

If my ability to do that is coming to an end – which might be the case if last night’s game is any indicator – then the recaps will have to change. Operating a laptop computer for zoom trivia games AND writing down game questions at the same time? Nope, sorry – that is just not going to happen. I only have two hands and with the way things are going with my life now and being more busy with household chores, that is way too time consuming.

Trivia fans need not worry, however! I’ll still post the recaps, provide a few questions I might be able to remember in abbreviated form, write down categories and answers, provide pictures of visual rounds, etc. The only time I will not provide answers is if there is a lot of them for one question that I can’t write down in time – like there were in that game we played last night about high-paid TV performers who make at least a million bucks per episode of the series they’re in. Our guess of Kevin Costner was not correct, though a cursory Internet search tells me he makes about half that. Really guys? He’s worth SO much more than that! Step up, Yellowstone powers that be! Yellowstone wouldn’t BE Yellowstone without him and it is a monster hit. Kevin Costner deserves to make as much money per episode of Yellowstone as Jennifer Aniston makes doing whatever series she’s in (what is this, some kind of sequel to Friends or something?) – or Nicole Kidman deserves doing whatever series she’s in that I obviously do not watch. Is it a reality-based series where she reflects upon her marriage to Tom Cruise (which I might actually watch)? Maybe a series teaching us how to talk Australian? I’m guessing not.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who bothers to check into this blog!

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