A Little Mid January, 2022 Update…

So…what’s new with me? Not much. Here’s a random sampling of my thoughts on life as of late:

  • Having younger male co-workers at work has been nice. It’s nice that they have muscles and stuff and it’s awfully cute when they talk about pro wrestling, but seriously – they are EXACTLY LIKE JONESY AND REILLY ON LETTERKENNY! It’s not so great when they make me be the adult and tell them to pick up their damned plastic off the floor and to not make telephone calls while they’re on the clock. If I wanted to be an actual adult, I would’ve had kids – or pets! Oy… At least I’m not dealing with that pesky cardboard baler anymore (let the boys do it)! Take the good with the bad?
  • I’m still obsessed with vampires and doomsday cults. Hard to say which obsesses me more, but having recently watched a series called “The Dark Side of the ’90s” (in particular the episode they did about doomsday cults Heaven’s Gate and Branch Davidians) – I was as mesmerized as I was when the events were actually unfolding. Add to that watching both Interview with the Vampire and the mini-series Midnight Mass – and yup, I’m still obsessed with vampires, too. And Midnight Mass kind of incorporates BOTH obsessions! Today, I started watching the 2012 movie Dark Shadows. Note, a blog about this might be in the works. Random opinion? Brad Pitt is a male Michelle Pfeiffer. And that’s all I’m gonna say…
  • I’m really looking forward to the winter cabin trip we have planned soon. We even bought a fireplace bellows today that we can use to pump up the fire! I have such cabin fever like you would not believe, though I haven’t gotten too bad yet. Yet. Not like this guy below:
He actually looks a bit like a younger version of my dad here…
  • My husband and I are staying in a lot more lately. The highlights of our day yesterday were going to a free mask giveaway event in our town and picking up two free packets of KN95 masks – and going to a fire at our favorite bar and getting to see our friend Brad for the first time since New Year’s Eve. He said that another local bar has a kitchen staff member who is unvaccinated who managed to help cause five COVID cases among staff at the bar, meaning it’s closed for all but takeout service for now. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without the wonderful fire pits we get to use at the bar when weather even slightly allows us to.
  • Aside from having to get that COVID test after Thanksgiving, I haven’t had any real COVID symptoms. But I’m also not engaging in any really high risk stuff, you know – like licking doorknobs, sitting in crowded buses, sitting inside crowded restaurants, inhaling other people’s sneezes with gusto, going to nude parties at sandbars (just kidding about that last thing, I totally do that, like every single weekend, LOL).
  • Trivia? Still virtual for now. I have a game later this evening, and a recap from earlier this week in the can, ready to edit and publish (will likely do that Saturday).

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