Trivia Recap – (Game #599) – November 16, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

Just a quickie recap, I’m kind of in the middle of things, so…just the questions, ma’am (or sir, or whatever courtesy title you wish – master, perhaps):

If I edit in answers they will be in the comments (not until later).

Round One

1) Cake – What popular dessert combines the elements of a chocolate cake and a soufflé and derives its name from its liquid center?

2) Sports Records – Sarah Fisher holds the record for most starts by a woman in what annual sporting event, making nine appearances from 2000-2010? Miss.

3) Movie Quotes – “When I was growing up, I knew I was different. The other girls were blonde and delicate, and I was a swarthy six-year-old with sideburns.”

4) Reality TV – Phil, Kay, Jase, Willie, and Korie are among the cast of what A&E reality series that aired from 2012-2017? Miss.

NERD POINT: What is their last name? Miss.

Mystery One – M.R. Initials

Give the first and last names of the people described by the following clues, all of whom have the initials “M.R.”

M1. Actress who stars as Harley Quinn in the 2021 film The Suicide Squad

M2. 2016 presidential candidate who has been a U.S. senator since 2011

M3. French lawyer and statesman best known for his influence during the French Revolution

M4. Singer who hit #1 with “Lovin’ You” in 1975 and mother of actress Maya Rudolph

Missed #2.

Round Two

1) Islands – Located on the East Coast of the U.S., what island has been called both the “Island of Hope” and the “Island of Tears”?

2) Logos – A stagecoach being pulled by six horses was used as the logo for what bank from 1852-2009, while a square logo featuring the bank’s name has been used since?

3) Medicine – What medical device uses electrical impulses, delivered by electrodes contracting the heart muscles, to regulate the beating of the heart?

4) Money – Which U.S. state quarter features a depiction of two locomotives, the Jupiter and Union Pacific No. 119, facing each other under the words “Crossroads of the West?” Thank you Facebook clue.

Mystery Two – Visual

Missed every one. We know president stuff, but not sportsball stuff…

Final – Inventors

What inventor, who held more than 50 patents in the U.S., including for a folding ironing board and a lawn sprinkler, is best known for his 1872 invention of an automatic lubricator for steam engines that made railroad operations more efficient?

According to legend, his name is associated with a common phrase because engineers preferred his product to inferior copycats.

According to legend, his name is associated with a common phrase because engineers preferred his product to inferior copycats.

3 thoughts on “Trivia Recap – (Game #599) – November 16, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

  1. round one
    lava cake, indy 500, my big fat greek wedding, duck dynasty/robertson

    round two
    ellis island, wells fargo, pacemaker, utah

    mystery 1

    margot robbie, marco rubio, macimilien robespierre, minnie riperton

    mystery 2 (did not write down these answers one of them was a rod)

    final – elijah mccoy

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