Looking For Trivia “Stunt Doubles” – Again! Just Like Five Years Ago (Well, Sort Of)

It seems my old trivia team has a tournament spot we qualified for a couple of years ago before the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down. And we can’t use the tournament spot. I can’t commit to weekend activities this time of year and am not quite ready socially for this sort of thing quite yet.

So I have been in talks (via Facebook messenger) with some trivia folks I know about using our spot. Should anyone decide to step in and use our league number – and win some cash, all of it will be theirs.

Funny. I’ve been on both sides of the trivia “stunt doubles” coin! I recruited a cracker jack team to play as us in December, 2016 under the agreement that they would keep 80 percent of the winnings. Those players won $750 (so $150 for us)! I still have a fairly good relationship with these players – whom are all very nice – though a couple of them have become parents in the past couple of years, and it doesn’t appear they’ve gotten back into trivia – either live – or virtual. So I haven’t talked to them.

Earlier in 2016, I assembled my own team of “stunt doubles” to use another team’s number! We finished in the top 10, so we got a little “swag,” but no prize cash.

I guess I will see how this shakes out.

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