Trivia Tournament In A Plague World? Am I Ready For It?

A friend texted me today asking if I’d be willing to sit in with her team in an upcoming (gasp) trivia TOURNAMENT. IKR? I have not yet given an answer, as I have quite a bit to think about before answering. Not the least of which is me being scheduled occasional weekends in this busy season working in “Retailville,” but also the fact that I’m not allowed to ask for time off during this busy time. So I could be off that day, or working that day. I won’t know that week’s schedule for a while.

So there is that. There is also my underlying pandemic-driven anxiety about being involved in crowded indoor gatherings. I went to an indoor trivia game in July, and I was very obviously not yet ready to be “playing with others.” Even though I’ve received all of my shots (does that make me sound like a pound puppy or something) and even my COVID booster, I’m still very, very cautious. My husband and I have only recently started to try going out to bars again – always at non peak times if indoors.

Of course, I’m flattered to have been asked, and I’ve happily backed up her team in past trivia tournaments.

I’m not going to lie – I’m not overly excited about this. But then I’m not the only trivia player hesitant about going back to playing “for reals.” Even other players on this team have also said they’re not interested in doing indoor trivia quite yet.

Speaking of indoor trivia, PSST – DO NOT TELL ANYONE! I “might” be planning to do a “live” trivia game the week of Thanksgiving! Nothing has been etched in stone yet – and it will involve a very tight group which may include family at a spot very familiar to us very, very close to home. I’m hoping the live game will be game #600, but it might be 600-ish. I mean – what am I going to do – stop playing the virtual games so that I hit that number exact? What would Cher from Clueless say about that?

I have a virtual game in about 20 minutes or so. After my husband has a couple of drinks, I’ll bring up this subject with him!

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