Trivia Recap – August 6, 2021 – (Virtual/Streaming)

Our usual Friday night “trio” met virtually for a trivia game – and one of the questions we had about a song from the 1950s made us feel young again! We joked about calling one of our parents for a “lifeline” on this one! But we just bucked up and flunked it for one point.

We finished in third for the night behind three teams tied for first with perfect scores (virtual game go figure, LOL) and one other team. Read on to see the questions:

1) Fonts – What company, which operates over 400 stores in over 50 countries, released a font in 2019 called Soffa Sans, based on its online “Design your own sofa” tool? “They always have weird names for their items” was enough to steer us in the right direction.

2) 1950s Music – What 1957 song that hit #1 in the U.S. includes characters named Spider Murphy playing the tenor saxophone, Little Joe blowing on the slide trombone, a drummer boy from Illinois, and the Purple Gang as the rhythm section? We did mention the correct artist, but just couldn’t put our brains together on this one successfully 😦

3) Einstein – In Einstein’s general theory of relativity, what is the two-word term for the boundary in spacetime beyond which events cannot affect the observer?

4) Money – Which U.S. state’s 50 State Quarters design includes the Old Man of the Mountain, which was a series of ledges that, from a certain angle, looked like a face? The formation collapsed in 2003. Thankfully Mike was able to come up with this one.

5) Academy Awards – Name either of the two films featuring John Goodman in a credited role that won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Nope and nope – though we did think of more than a couple of movies directed by the Coens!

6) Stadiums – Sports Authority was an American retailer that held the naming rights to the home of which NFL team from 2011 until after the company’s 2016 bankruptcy? Team to me – “How do you know this one?” Me – “It’s just one of those maybe five sports facts I remember.”

7) European History – In what century did the Thirty Years’ War take place, with over eight million Europeans dying as a direct result of the war or as an indirect result of its effects, including famine and plague?

I have an explanation for this image! Really!

8) Comic Strips – Name the character who is either the giver or unwilling recipient of the nickname “My sweet babboo” in the comic strip Peanuts.
NERD POINT: Name both.

Mike and I have been rebingeing Archer episodes, so we thought of Babou – Cheryl/Carol’s pet ocelot – and Mike insisted it be the recap photo!

9) Theme Songs – Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are members The Solids, the band that provided the twelve seconds of theme song music for what TV series that ran from 2005-2014? Does anyone else think of something gross when they hear the word “solids?”

10) Kitchen – What common household item is known as kitchen paper in the United Kingdom?

Give the first and last names of the people described by the following clues, all of whom have the initials “G.K.”

M1. Actress who starred in High Noon and Rear Window before becoming the princess of Monaco in 1956

M2. Singer who has recorded two #1 Billboard Hot 100 singles—“Midnight Train to Georgia” and “That’s What Friends Are For”

M3. Broadcast journalist who has been a co-host of CBS This Morning since its inception in 2012

M4. First host of the E! cable network program Talk Soup from 1991-1995 who earned an Oscar nomination for a 1997 film

Missed #3. We were in fifth with 59 points heading into the final.

Final Category – Literary Characters

Glumdalclitch, Lord Munodi , Captain Pedro de Mendez, and the ghosts of Julius Caesar, Brutus, Homer, Aristotle, and Descartes)are some of the characters encountered by the title character in what work, originally published in 1726?

Got it, but so did most of the other teams ahead of us. I think we moved up a little bit (not sure – I don’t pay attention to these things as much as I used to). Unsure when we’ll play next – as always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Babou the ocelot!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – August 6, 2021 – (Virtual/Streaming)

  1. ikea, jailhouse rock, event/absolute horizon (both accepted), new hampshire, the artist/argo, denver broncos, 1600s, linus/sally, how i met your mother, paper towels

    mystery – grace kelly, gladys knight, gayle king, greg kinnear

    final – gulliver’s travels

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