Time To Relax After A Rough Day…(August 6, 2021)

It’s been getting busier for me at work lately. My hours have doubled, we have a new female store manager whom is learning the ropes…and my job is a very physical one in a non-climate controlled space for most of my shifts. It has its good points – and bad. The best is I don’t have to deal with customers and I usually work by myself. The bad part is I get dirty, sweaty – and achy – but it’s exercise, right? And I get to cut lots of things! Oy…it is what it is. It’s a job with a fairly decent schedule (pretty much no nights and weekends) and I don’t hate it. Most of the time…

Today, my husband took the car so we could replace the rear tires – it was actually nice to have someone else drive home – I got to recline the seat, sit in the car while he went into a pharmacy to get booze and snacks.

I know none of this is very exciting, is it? It’s really just life…my mom’s 70th birthday is Saturday, and we’ll be meeting for lunch – and I have a virtual trivia game in a little less than 15 minutes (this means a recap posted in next day or two). Hopefully just one day!

And in just five days – our first in person trivia game indoors in about a year and half (give or take). Is THAT exciting enough for all y’all? And I’m not quite sure I can handle that much excitement!!!

And I gotta go…

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