Time To Start Thinking About Needles – And Campfires!

In a few days, COVID-19 vaccinations will open up for people ages 16 to 49 in my state (Michigan). Will I go to a drug store/pharmacy? NFL football field? Local college football field? Will we wait a bit and see if we can get the “one shot” Johnson & Johnson vaccine? Or will I get desperate and seek out the services of a shady back-alley vaccinator? Seems like I would’ve done that last thing by now if I were inclined to do so!!!

I don’t have the answers to any of these questions…yet. I’ll know more information Monday, April 5. Or at least have some “fires” burning to make things happen.

Oh Homer speaks such words of wisdom!

There is really not much going on with me right now. I’m listening to the “Jesus Christ Superstar” soundtrack on Spotify, enjoying a Short’s Soft Parade beer, typing this blog, doing laundry (please stop me if any of this is over stimulating for any of you). Business is picking up at my workplace, which is probably a good thing (more people to distance myself from when I go to and fro – but I’m a pro at these things) and we’ve been staying home most nights, remaining outside if we venture to any local bars.

The biggest news right now? Me and my husband and I plan to do a cabin trip next weekend! After having canceled a couple of cabin trips in the past few months, we’re very excited! I’ll have to get some cheap batteries for my numerous battery powered string lights, get a gas canister or two for my gas powered thingies, get some groceries/supplies, look over my camping gear, and call the park to see if they will be selling firewood. We’re hoping for good enough weather to hang out a bit by a campfire, but if weather doesn’t cooperate, we have a propane heated cabin and a large, large dining room table for BOARD GAMES! I know, I know, playing board games isn’t anything different than what we’ve been doing at home in our basement a LOT lately, but it will be in a different place! And with super sexy dimmer lights! Yay?

This is similar to the cabin we’ll be renting, but isn’t THE cabin we’ll be renting…It sleeps eight people, has countertops/cupboards for supplies, propane heat and our cabin will have lake frontage!
This is a photo of a previous year’s light set up for a cabin trip. I have MORE lights this time (and some of them flash different colors and are shaped like skulls)!

I have a virtual trivia game with a few friends later tonight. Saturday, as has become my “habit,” I’ll post any trivia recaps I have from the past week. Stay tuned!

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