Look, Mom! I Cleaned My Room!

I had initially planned to just put up a new bookshelf in our bedroom today. But…for reasons I can’t explain, I decided I was going to clean up “some other stuff” first. And that led to…cleaning my entire bedroom! I even moved the mattress/boxspring off the bedrails and cleaned up and vacuumed completely under that, too. Existing bookshelf got moved and its footprint got vacuumed, the dresser and mirror got moved and its footprint vacuumed… I sprayed lemon pledge on the wood stuff and cleaned it up – cleared clutter and dusted EVERY SINGLE SURFACE. Yeah, a lot of odds and ends got stashed into drawers (want to fight about it)?

And look mom – I even MADE THE BED! I don’t do that very often. Why? It’s just going to get messed up anyway.

We decided when we moved in 10 years ago that we’d keep the “blah” beige bedroom paint and never felt compelled to really “decorate” the room. Sure, it was partially out of laziness since we did SO MUCH OTHER PAINTING IN THE HOUSE, but we also felt the dull color would be conducive to sleep. We’ve talked about possibly painting the two beige upstairs bathrooms this summer in more “fun” colors. Bathrooms are fairly easy to paint since there is no carpeting or furniture to move.

The new bookshelf did not get assembled today. I will need my husband to help, so that will have to wait until the weekend. It is all unpackaged and ready to put together, though.

Looks like a cheap motel room, doesn’t it? Well, unlike what you’d get in a cheap motel room, that bedding is all clean! Even the bed skirt was washed recently. We’ve had that purple bedspread since 1997. It won’t wear out, so why replace it?
That overgrown jade houseplant ain’t ever moving from that spot…Hopefully if we sell the house ever, the new owners just take the damn thing!
Everything your cheap motel room could need! Plenty of reading material (including all of my old yearbooks)!
This photo is the only adornment we have on our bedroom walls…1990!

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