I Have “Cabin Fever,” But Can’t Decide Where To Go To Cure It…

I have some time off next month for my birthday, and my husband and I talked about doing a cabin trip. I’ve looked around at the available cabins, and I just can’t decide where I want to go.

I don’t want to be too far from home, don’t want too long of a drive to go get firewood, yada yada, what if weather winds up being horrible (it is winter after all), and so on and so forth. We’ve talked about renting a cabin at a place close to home we’ve visited dozens of times before for day trips and overnight trips, but even that’s not really grabbing me.

I’m slightly annoyed that one of the cabins in the best location is already booked for the time block we would go, and available EVERY OTHER NIGHT. Changing nights is not impossible…Having a cabin with lake access would be pretty sweet. Pardon me while I stroke my non existent beard and think….hmmm….

I’m sure I’ll eventually decide on something!

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