I’ve Picked My Birthday Cabin!

I’ve done some “scouting around” and have decided upon where I plan to spend my upcoming birthday. We will be renting a “camper cabin” offered up through Michigan’s state parks system. It has three rooms – a living/dining room in the front, and two separate bedrooms in the back, which make it ideal for families. We can get there in less than an hour, so that is a big bonus!

We’ve stayed in this style of cabin a couple of times in the past – the first time at Tawas Point State Park in early 2016, and the second time in 2019 at Waterloo Recreation Area.

Here are some pics from the Waterloo trip:

The bed/bedroom configurations can vary from cabin to cabin.
My husband and I shared this room, and the other couple sharing the cabin with us used the bed in the previous photo. Climbing into the top bunk was a lot easier than climbing out (I tried to make sure I was barefoot for better grip)! He was having some arthritic issues at the time, so I took the top bunk. I had more room to stretch out on the top bunk anyway…While I was in the top bunk, I found a previous renter’s graffiti stating that he’s “came inside a girl in that bunk.” Yup…glad those mattresses are rubber coated – and I always cover them with my own sheets/bedding before using them! I can wipe them down with disinfecting wipes beforehand, too…Also, see that beam? I put my cell phone on it while I was sleeping and forgot I’d put it there – so that was a little freakout!

The bigger cabins are good for winter trips – it’s nice to have a little more room to spread out when it’s cold outside, especially if we’re forced inside to hang out and watch movies on the laptop.

We’ll also have a microwave, a refrigerator, electrical outlets, electric heat/lights. The only way we’ll be “roughing it” is by having to haul in our own water (I have lots of collapsible/compact water vessels) and we’ll have to use an outhouse when nature calls. We’re both seasoned campers, so that little detail doesn’t bother us. We’ve hauled water out of Lake Superior, boiled it and drank it, so not having a water faucet within feet of us isn’t a huge concern. I have a water dispensing jug we can use for hand washing (I can use a dish pan underneath to catch the sudsy water so it doesn’t go on the floor, which we can use to extinguish camp fires). It may be too cold to keep it outside for a winter trip. I may be pretty rugged, but I don’t want to wash my hands in freezing water!

I’ve found out that firewood can be purchased at a hardware store only 10 minutes away from where we’ll be staying, I’ve found an “island themed” chain restaurant selling cocktails to go where we can stop on the way ($24.99 for two liters of Bahama mama cocktails isn’t bad – all we’ll have to do is just add some ice), and a small Mexican joint where we can pick up takeout dinner for our first night. Now all I have to do is figure out where I can pick up some good dessert (hey, a birthday gal has to have sweet treats on her birthday, doesn’t she)?

Me and a homemade chocolate cake made by my mom on my third birthday…I still have one of those plates in my cupboard!

We’ll have views of the Huron River from our cabin! I’m excited, we’ve visited this park, but never stayed in one of those cabins before.

For inquiring minds, my loyal blog followers might already know that I post a set of “special” trivia questions on my birthday, as I’ve done every year since 2016. I’ve already started thinking about possible questions for this year’s “birthday trivia questions,” so that is likely to continue this year! As always, they will be posted here at midnight February 11 (Eastern standard time).

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