Drug Stores – A Pandemic Haven For Drinkers

Ever since March, 2020 I haven’t been very adventurous when it comes to buying booze. I’ve been trying to avoid most “big stores,” like Meijer and Kroger (both big grocery chains in Michigan). Some of the small liquor stores near us are also a bit…dicey. We’ve also tried consolidating grocery/supply runs to one every couple of weeks. Occasionally we will venture into Costco to stock up on hooch (can’t beat the prices)!

When we do grocery shop, we try to pick up booze since we’re not going to bars much. In fact, they’re all closed for indoor service in MI now. Aldi has a decent beer and hard seltzer selection.

Sometimes we pick up beer from a microbrewery near us. Today, I wanted something besides beer, which I’ve had a…bit too much of lately! So I visited a CVS drug store and got some hard seltzer. They always have decent sale prices, and just today I learned they have a walk-in beer cooler!

Sure, the selection isn’t the best, but they did have your basic yellow “macrobrews,” and some Michigan craft stuff (Shorts, Bell’s and Blake’s hard cider are ones I noticed – I wanted to just grab and go, not explore too much). It’s never too crowded on the times I visit, and it beats going into a busy grocery store.

Fitting I’m going to a drug store to get my “fix!”

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