One Movie Photo For Each Year Of My Life – 1972 to 2020

One of my movie-loving friends on Facebook, whom I’ll  call “Patrick,” (not his real name) – recently began posting photos of different movie scenes starting with the year he was born and moving forward with one photo per day.

I’m TERRIBLE at that kind of social media stuff! One, I’d never remember to post just one picture a day, and would probably just “binge write” and do them all at once (which I’ve essentially done with this blog)!

Also, the Facebook “challenge” is to just post the pictures with no explanation. I’m not good at that stuff, either! No explanation? Really? But I LOVE explaining things! There’s a reason I’m too wordy for Twitter…(seriously – I have no idea what to do with Twitter).

What follows are photos from films – most of which were nominated for best picture – one each year beginning with 1972 and ending with 2019. There is one photo from a film on the list that was not nominated for best picture (though it was nominated for best cinematography, best original screenplay and best sound. Let’s see if you can spot THAT movie!

My only other criteria were these pictures MUST be from movies I’ve actually seen! They don’t have to be movies I liked, movies I watch again and again or movies I would ever, ever watch again. You may deduce that a few of these might be movies that I was “dragged” to see by my folks when I was a kid – and you’d be right!

Without further ado…the photos – and some “brief” commentary (please note there WILL be some profanity in some of the movie quotes):

1972 ⇓


Deliverance. Required viewing for any “guys movie night” AND a cautionary tale. Notable quote? “I bet you can squeal like a pig – weeeee!”

1973 ⇓


The Exorcist. There are many, many colorful quotes in this one, but here’s a particularly colorful one: “Stick your cock up her ass, you motherfucking worthless cocksucker.”

1974 ⇓


The Conversation. The solid state surveillance technology in this movie absolutely made me DROOL! Notable quote? “I don’t care what they’re talkin’ about. All I want is a nice, fat recording.”

1975 ⇓


Jaws. Confession time – I have kind of a crush on the Quint character (Robert Shaw, last guy on left)!!!  Sometimes those “grumpy” guys just…do it (don’t ask)! On that note, here’s a great Quint quote: “Jesus H Christ, when I was a boy, every little squirt wanted to be a harpooner or a sword fisherman. What d’ya have there – a portable shower or a monkey cage?”

1976 ⇓


All The President’s Men. Speaking of grumpy guys (LOL), here’s a quote from Woodward and Bernstein’s boss Bradlee: “Goddammit, when is somebody going to go on the record in this story? You guys are about to write a story that says the former Attorney General, the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in this country, is a crook! Just be sure you’re right.”

1977 ⇓


The Turning Point.  This is one of a string of “boring” movies my folks (sometimes just my mom) took me and my brother to see. I honestly don’t remember anything about this movie other than that I saw it. I’m speculating my mom might’ve had a crush on Mikhail Baryshnikov. I too like a guy with a Russian accent. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? And isn’t is this quite a lot of commentary for a movie I barely remember seeing when I was 5? OK, here’s a quote: “I like girls with weak knees.”



The Deer Hunter. If you opt to skip through the prolonged wedding sequence at the beginning, this movie is actually quite good! Notable quote? “Put an empty chamber in that gun.”

1979 ⇓


Kramer vs. Kramer. I remember telling a friend not too long ago that I  saw this movie with my mom when I was just 7, and they were appalled! Quote from bowl-headed kid: “That’s why Mommy left, isn’t it? Because I was bad?”

1980 ⇓


Tess. Me remembering having seen this movie helped with a final question in a November, 2016 semifinal game at Original Gravity (some things you just don’t forget)!  Quote?  “Go on, hit me! I shall not cry out. Once victim, always victim. That’s the law.”

1981 ⇓


Raiders of the Lost Ark. Great movie, I tried watching it on cable recently but we don’t get the channel (grrr)! Quote? “Indiana Jones. I always knew some day you’d come walking back through my door. I never doubted that. Something made it inevitable. So, what are you doing here in Nepal?”

1982 ⇓


E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial. Probably a huge inspiration for “Stranger Things.” Notable quote? “It’s in the toolshed. It threw the ball at me.”

1983 ⇓


WarGames. Apparently I haven’t seen any of the best picture nominated movies from 1983 (going to try remedying that soon).  This one was nominated for three other Oscars, though! Notable quote? “The whole point was to find a way to practice nuclear war without destroying ourselves. To get the computers to learn from mistakes we couldn’t afford to make. Except, I never could get Joshua to learn the most important lesson.”

1984 ⇓


Amadeus. Haven’t seen this one in years, but still enjoy listening to some Mozart music every now and then! “Notable quote? Forgive me, Majesty. I am a vulgar man! But I assure you, my music is not.”

1985 ⇓


Witness. Harrison Ford was kinda…hot in this one! Notable quote? “You never had your hands on a teat before?”

1986 ⇓


Platoon. I only saw this one once – in college, as part of my “death and dying” class, and the gang rape scene made me cry, so I will never, ever watch it again… Quote? “Elias didn’t ask you to fight his battles for him. And if there’s a heaven, and, God, I hope there is, I know he’s sitting up there drunk as a fucking monkey and smoking shit, ’cause he done left his pains down here.”

1987 ⇓


Moonstruck. I don’t normally like rom-coms, but I kind of liked this one! People getting all crazy because of the full moon (I can dig that)! Also the Cher slapping Nic Cage scene is pretty much THE reason to watch this! Notable quote? “Snap out of it.”

1988 ⇓


Working Girl. Saw this once, have zero interest in seeing it again…if I want to see Sigourney Weaver in a movie, I prefer seeing her fighting aliens in her underwear – or providing voices of space ships! Notable quote? “I have a head for business and a body for sin. Is there anything wrong with that?”

1989 ⇓


Born on the Fourth of July. Saw this once…have zero interest in seeing it again. Notable quote? “Penis! Penis! Big fucking erect penis, Mom!”

1990 ⇓


Dances with Wolves. Kevin Costner may have thought he was the hottie of the movie, but he was wrong, wrong WRONG! Here’s “Wind in his Hair” – the REAL hottie of the movie! Quote: “Nothing I have been told about these people is correct. They are not thieves or beggars. They are not the bogeymen they are made out to be. On the contrary, they are polite guests and I enjoy their humor.”

1991 ⇓


The Silence of the Lambs. Notable quote?  “Put the fucking lotion in the basket!”

1992 ⇓


The Crying Game. Yet another “one and done” movie on this list! Explored themes of transgender issues WAY ahead of its time… Quote: “Have you ever tried to pick up your teeth with broken fingers?”

1993 ⇓


In the Name of the Father. I actually enjoy this one, and have re-watched it a few times. Gritty story, courtroom drama, lovely Northern Irish (and English) accents…also, Daniel Day-Lewis is SMOLDERING in this! Quote: “What I remember most about my childhood is holding your hand. My wee hand in your big hand, and the smell of tobacco. I remember, I could smell the tobacco in the palm of your hand. When I want to feel happy, I try to remember the smell of tobacco.”

1994 ⇓


Pulp Fiction. I’m a big Quentin Tarantino fan – this one isn’t my favorite of his films, but still enjoyable to re-watch. Notable quote? Aww, do I have to pick just one?  “I’ma get medieval on your ass.”

1995 ⇓


Braveheart. As appealing as long-haired filthy men in kilts wearing face paint is to me, this movie is still a “one and done” movie.  Quote? “The Almighty tells me he can get me out of this mess, but he’s pretty sure you’re fucked.”

1996 ⇓


Fargo. I like Coen Brothers films, but actually hated this when it first came out, but now that I’m older,  my views have softened on it a bit. Though I’ll never, ever be able to watch it when my husband is around because he will not shut up about how ugly he thinks Frances McDormand is (ah love and marriage, amirite)? “So, that was Mrs. Lundegaard on the floor in there. And I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper. And those three people in Brainerd. And for what? For a little bit of money? There’s more to life than a little money, you know. Don’tcha know that? And here ya are, and it’s a beautiful day. Well. I just don’t understand it.”

1997 ⇓


The Full Monty. Worth re-watching from time to time! Quote?  “Well, they’re going to be looking at us like that, aren’t they, Eh? I mean, what if next Friday 400 women turn ’round and say “He’s too fat, he’s too old and he’s a pigeon-chested little tosser.”? What happens then, eh?”

1998 ⇓


Saving Private Ryan. One and done. Not my kind of movie… Quote? “I looked up “fubar” in the German dictionary and there’s no fubar in here.”

1999 ⇓


American Beauty.  I will re-watch this one from time to time. It’s hard for me not to root for Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) in this one. Quote? “Janie, today I quit my job. And then I told my boss to go fuck himself, and then I blackmailed him for almost sixty thousand dollars. Pass the asparagus.”

2000 ⇓


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I’m almost ashamed to say I didn’t like this one, it was just one of those movies that we were “supposed” to like when it came out. My husband has a serious case of “yellow fever,” so he likes it! Quote? “A sword by itself rules nothing. It only comes alive in skilled hands.” THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID! Sorry, I just had to interject that!!!

2001 ⇓


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. I love all three of these movies, but hated the “Hobbit” movies. Quote? “Fly, you fools!”

2002 ⇓

Chicago 1

Chicago. I enjoyed this one, but it’s still pretty much a “one and done” movie! Quote? “This is Chicago, kid. You can’t beat fresh blood on the walls.”

2003 ⇓


The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Quote? “I am no man.”

2004 ⇓


Sideways. I felt like Elaine in that one “Seinfeld” episode where everyone raved about The English Patient – yet she hated it. I absolutely HATED this movie! Every single one of my friends said I should see this one, it’s hilarious, yada yada and I just…couldn’t even. Only scene remotely entertaining to me was the scene where Sandra Oh beats one of these guys with her helmet.  Quote? “Fuck.”

2005 ⇓


Brokeback Mountain. Though I’ve seen this more than once,  it’s still pretty much a “one and done” movie. Quote? “Tell you what… the truth is… sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it.”

2006 ⇓


The Departed. One and done. Quote? “I’m gonna go have a smoke right now. You want a smoke? You don’t smoke, do ya, right? What are ya, one of those fitness freaks, huh? Go fuck yourself.”

2007 ⇓


No Country for Old Men. Yet another Coen Brothers movie I didn’t like, yet it won best picture. Quote? “1958. It’s been traveling twenty-two years to get here. And now it’s here. And it’s either heads or tails. And you have to say. Call it.”

2008 ⇓


Milk. Finally Sean Penn gets his second Oscar for this role…Still, a “one and done” movie for me, though I still enjoyed the historical aspect of it. Quote? “All men are created equal. No matter how hard you try, you can never erase those words.”

2009 ⇓


Inglourious Basterds. One of my favorites on this list – foreign  languages, numerous acts of badassery, and I have a huge crush on Hugo Stiglitz! ⇑ Quote? “Well, I speak the most Italian, so I’ll be your escort. Donowitz speaks the second most, so he’ll be your Italian cameraman. Omar speaks third most, so he’ll be Donny’s assistant.”

2010 ⇓


True Grit. Finally – a Coen Brothers movie on this I like – and enjoy re-watching! Quote?  “You must pay for everything in this world, one way and another. There is nothing free except the grace of God.”

2011 ⇓


Moneyball. A sports movie I actually enjoyed! Quote? “How can you not get romantic about baseball?”

2012 ⇓


Django Unchained. Love re-watching this one again and again, though I can’t watch the scene with the dogs. Quote? “Damn! I can’t see fuckin’ shit outta this thing.”

2013 ⇓


American Hustle. I’m kind of 50/50 on whether I liked – or hated this one. Quote? “I’m like the fucking Vietcong, man, all right? I’m in and I’m out. I was there the whole time. You don’t know it, all right? That’s the fuckin’ art of becoming somebody who people can pin their beliefs and their dreams on.”

2014 ⇓


The Imitation Game. I like Benedict Cumberbatch quite a lot as an actor, and this was a great story! Scientist Alan Turing has sadly become nothing but a historical footnote because he had the audacity of being…gay. Quote? “Do you know why people like violence? It is because it feels good. Humans find violence deeply satisfying. But remove the satisfaction, and the act becomes… hollow.”

2015 ⇓


Spotlight. Great story, but pretty much a “one and done” movie. Quote?  “If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse one.”

2016 ⇓


Hidden Figures. Great historical story, really only needed to watch this once. One of my friends’ wives works in the same building as these women in the story! Quote?  “Here at NASA we all pee the same color.”

2017 ⇓


The Shape of Water. It was so exciting that a love story involving a mute woman and a fish monster WON BEST PICTURE! Quote? “He’s a wild creature. We can’t ask him to be anything else.”

2018 ⇓


BlackKkKlansman. One of my favorite movies from the past few years. Adam Driver is one of those “ugly, yet hot guys,” that I still need to do a blog about (Jemaine Clement would also be on the list) but that is just one of many, many reasons I like this movie.  Quote? “Ain’t this a bitch. If I would have known this was a Klan meeting, I wouldn’t have taken this motherfucking gig. Goddamn.”

2019 ⇓


Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. I really, really liked this one, especially the kinship between the stuntman and the “face man” for whom he performed the stunts. Quote? “When you come to the end of the line, with a buddy who is more than a brother and a little less than a wife, getting blind drunk together is really the only way to say farewell.”

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