Trivia Recap – STREAMING – May 7, 2020

Trivia nights at home used to involve sitting at a table with…maybe your mom and brother – and maybe your brother’s girlfriend – and playing some Trivial Pursuit! Maybe it also involved binge-watching a bunch of episodes of “Jeopardy!” that you saved on your DVR because of your trivia addiction – or because of your secret crush on James Holzhauer. For the record, I don’t have  a crush on that guy!!! But I’m sure plenty of other viewers do!

Behold the new era of trivia at home! “Virtual” trivia! It might mean tuning into a live feed of a show presented by a trivia host, or doing a Zoom-based “meetup” for a trivia game with friends from across the globe. I’ve done both types of “virtual” games since the bars closed, though I’ll admit I wasn’t immediately sold on the Zoom trivia.

However, a couple of my teammates seem to like the “virtual” meetups! And even my husband likes it (though he prefers to keep his pretty face off camera, LOL)!

Thursday night, I got my trivia fix by checking out a Facebook streaming show hosted by “Mike D.” I took photos of the questions, and only one of them turned out blurry – thankfully Mike sent me the blurry question in a FB message…

Here are the questions, I battled most of these by myself – though Mike helped with the space question, and Brad helped with the final question!

  1. What animal was featured dancing on a popular GeoCities page created in 1998 to the tune of a sped-up sample of the song “Whistle Stop” by Roger Miller?
  2. What alternative rock band’s debut studio album “Surfer Rosa” featured the influential songs “Gigantic” and “Where is My Mind?”
  3. What English writer’s best-known novels include Mrs Dalloway, To the Lighthouse and Orlando?  What’s the opposite of a hat trick? Miss three questions in a row? Nope, nope, nope on the first three!
  4. What Nickelodeon animated series premiered in 1996 with the episode “Downtown as Fruits/Eugene’s Bike?” Got this right on a guess…
  5. Name the northernmost or southernmost state in the Midwest U.S. Census Region. Bonus point – name both. Knew the northernmost state…
  6. Name one of the two playing pieces in Operation that are found within the arm of “Cavity Sam.” Hit again with a correct guess.
  7. What NBA player who played as a power forward with the Utah Jazz for 18 seasons was nicknamed “The Mailman?” Yes, I KNEW this! Why? Because I asked about this guy in one of my own question sets (not doing those for the time being, unsure if I will revive these or not).
  8. Who has  composed the soundtracks to nine different Pixar films more than any other artist? Yep.
  9. A May,  2020 study reported that the QV Telescopii star system contains what phenomena, making it the closest known appearance to Earth? Mike stepped in to help here…
  10. What beer did Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer hold up in a photo in response to actress Cecily Strong portraying her on SNL drinking a Labatt’s? Funny, I like both of those beers! I have to be in the “mood” for the one Gretchen Whitmer held up in the photo, I only drink them occasionally.

Final Category – Actors


I wanted to include at least one photo with this blog, and this is the only one I had filed under “Nicholson!”

Jack Nicholson has been nominated for the Academy Award for best actor for six films which he did not end up winning. Name two of those six films.

Brad named one of the correct films, I named the other. Woot!

More “virtual” trivia tonight! Just Mike and I playing a Sporcle Zoom game with a host named Alexander in Minneapolis. Sign up to play against us by clicking here!

We’ll also be playing 8 p.m. Saturday with a host named Kimberly….

That’s it for this recap! Go Pods – and stay classy, Colonel Jessup!



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