New Reality, New Blog Routines…(Thank You 2020 Pandemic)

I’ll be making some minor changes to my blogging habits in light of this worldwide pandemic until things get more back to “normal” or until further notice…

While I used to regularly post “recaps” of live pub trivia games attended by me and other players on my team, I can no longer do that since there aren’t any bars open. Duh. While there are “live streaming” trivia shows going on right now too, I’m not going to be doing “recaps” of those even if I do happen to “tune in” to them. Just too much wasted effort. Those posts just aren’t getting enough traffic/interest to justify the effort of me taking the time – even with my increased time on my hands from not working – to do them. This tells me it’s not JUST the questions my readers are interested in seeing! Which is…somewhat gratifying to me (in a way)? I can’t really explain it…

What I will still continue to do are  my own trivia question sets each day that this is going on and other trivia – and non-trivia – related blogs when I’m inspired to do them. I’m going to start working on today’s questions in just a bit.

I really don’t know what else to say, but thanks all of you for continuing to visit this site! I hope you are all staying as healthy as humanly possible in this challenging time…

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