Finally Getting Around To Watching “Dexter”

Showtime is offering a free preview this week, and I’ve  started  watching “Dexter.” I think I’m  in love with this character!

Well, maybe not “love,” per se, but I find him fascinating…and he reminds me of people I’ve  met in real life. And he’s also a bit like Patrick  Bateman in American  Psycho (only less polished). Dexter even  uses the name as an alias at one point (I’m  sure that’s  not a coincidence).


Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman  in American Psycho. He shares similar traits to the antihero title character in “Dexter.”

My husband  likes the series too, so that’s an added  bonus – since we’re quarantined together! Until the end of April, as it was announced today. 😮


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