And A Shitty Month Draws To An End (March, 2020)

I have zero perkiness today whatsoever. I’m  lacking in energy, and the grey skies  aren’t  exactly  saying “come hither.” So a walk today is…out of the question. Aside from taking  a shower, attending  the “birthday  parade” and picking up some carryout food for dinner, I don’t  expect to do much today! I made  a poster for the birthday gal that will either fit in the rear window –  or I can hold up to the passenger  side  window. Poor  girl! To turn  12 and not be able to physically  be with friends and family…I’m  sure she’s  really bummed!  She must miss her friends and her school  activities.

Despite my “blah” mood, I’m  still grateful  to have  my health  and will assume Corona  hasn’t  ensnared me yet.

What else have I “accomplished” this week? Not much! I made a zombie  killing” playlist on my laptop. Artists such as nine inch  nails, Rage Against  The Machine, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead, Flogging Molly and even Eminem are all on the list! I even  threw in “Brand New Key” by Melanie because  it’s  about a woman and her roller skates. One of the characters  I ALWAYS play in “Zombicide” is named Wanda, whom is a buxom blonde roller skating drive-inn waittress. I alternate  between using a Harley Quinn-esque voice when playing  her – or a nasal Midwestern  accent similar to “Pam” on “Archer.” What’s her  favorite weapon? The chainsaw!  It’s  cathartic  for her  to  lay rampaging zombies to waste with her trusty chainsaw!

Guess what, folks? Killing zombies in this  game is cathartic  for me, too!

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