Filling The Pub Trivia Void Day 16 – Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Just to ensure there is a good category mix, all of these categories mirror categories from a previous Sporcle Live game (or are very, very similar). So these aren’t questions involving things “only I would know,” LOL!


Game One

1. Same Name – What name is shared by a character on “Futurama” and a lengthy bout of drinking?

2. Movie Opening Lines – What 1990 film opens with this line: “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster?”

3. Sports Records – What Jamaican holds the record for fastest completion of the 100-meter dash at 9.58 seconds (achieved in 2009) ?

4. Cake – What type of cake consists of a sponge cake base that is topped with ice cream and meringue – the latter of which is torched before serving?

5. Reality TV – Within two, in what year did the  Academy of Television Arts and Sciences add the reality genre to the Emmy Awards in the category of Outstanding Reality Program?

6. U.S. Islands – What is the name of the island on which you’d find the United States Marine Corps training facility in South Carolina?

7. Music – Which American musician born in 1868 was nicknamed “The King of Ragtime?”

8. Willy Wonka – What is the name of the competitive female character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory whom is transformed into a giant blueberry?

9. Finance – What investment company uses a bull in its logo?

10. The Heart – Which heart valve typically has three flaps or leaflets that open and close, allowing blood to flow from the right atrium to the right ventricle in your heart and preventing blood from flowing backward?

Mystery – Before and After

1. Opening track of Prince’s “Purple Rain” album and large group of masked assassins in the Kill Bill films
2. Fast-food chain previously using the “Have it Your Way” slogan and animated TV series created by Mike Judge
3. Star of “Beretta” TV series from the 1970s and wife of Ryan Reynolds since 2012
4. Inventor of the cotton gin and pop singer with several #1 hits during the 1980s

Game Two

1. Marvel Movies – What actor plays Nick Fury in several Marvel films?

2. Political Parties – What former political party (which a few former U.S. presidents belonged to) attempted a revival in 2007 and described itself as a mainstream, middle-of-the-road grassroots movement representing voters whom – among other things –  do not strictly accept Republican and Democratic positions? The party is headquartered in Buffalo, NY and uses an owl as its mascot.

3. Planetary Words – What seven-letter word describes a particularly small natural satellite orbiting a planet, dwarf planet, or other minor planet?

4. TV Dramas – What was the first drama series produced by the streaming service Hulu to win a Primetime Emmy for best drama series – doing so in 2018? The series was adapted from a 1985 dystopian novel by a Canadian author.

5. Safety – The protective bars on the rears of some semi-trucks – designed to prevent cars from getting stuck underneath them – are nicknamed for what film actress – who died after being decapitated in a car accident involving a semi truck?

6. Catchphrases – What fitness guru had a series of fitness videos titled “Sweatin’ to the Oldies?”

7. Rock bands – Bruce Dickinson is the lead singer of what rock band?

8. Word Origins – What produce item popular in Mexican cuisine – originally from Mexico and Central America, was called āhuacatl by the native Nahua people – which translated into “testicles?”

9. Real Names – What is the more well known stage name of the knighted English singer named Reginald Kenneth Dwight?

10. Shoes – What style of female shoe shares its name with a slang term for a marijuana cigarette?

Visual Mystery – Real People on The Simpsons

Identify the real life actors playing themselves on “The Simpsons:”

1 ⇓


2 ⇓


3 ⇓


4 ⇓


Final Category – Oscar Losers

Name one of the two films – one released in 1977 – the other in 1985 – to have the dubious “honor” of both receiving 11 Academy Award nominations – yet winning none?

One thought on “Filling The Pub Trivia Void Day 16 – Tuesday, March 31, 2020

  1. Game One

    1 bender

    2. goodfellas

    3. usain bolt

    4. baked alaska

    5. 2001

    6. Parris Island

    7. Scott Joplin

    8. violet beuregarde

    9. merrill lynch

    10. tricuspid valve

    Mystery – Before and After

    1. let’s go crazy 88s
    2. burger king of the hill
    3. robert blake lively
    4. eli whitney houston
    Game Two

    1. Samuel L. Jackson

    2. whig

    3. moonlet

    4. handmaid’s tale

    5. jayne mansfield

    6. richard simmons

    7. iron maiden

    8. avocado

    9. elton john

    10. mary jane

    Visual Mystery – Real People on The Simpsons James Woods, Kim Basinger, Leonard Nimoy, Barry White

    Name one of the two films – one released in 1977 – the other in 1985 – to have the dubious “honor” of both receiving 11 Academy Award nominations – yet winning none? 

    The Turning POint, The Color PUrple

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