Took a Walk Today – And Saw A Friend (From 12 Feet Away)

I went  out  for a longer  walk than  usual  today, and decided I’d  go as far as my friend Brad’s house, which is about  two miles away. It took about  38 minutes to reach  his house, and I called him to ask if he’d  meet me for a social distance  “wave hello.” He let his three deerhounds out,  so naturally  they were the first to  greet me at his  chain link  fence. He had  to make the fence  higher  recently because  of an “escapee!”

It was a very  short chat, all outdoors, all safely spaced  out exceeding CDC guidelines …but  nice! This  was  the first  time I’d  seen him since before  the bars  were ordered  closed March 16.

No photos…but  here’s  a “file photo” of Brad…(with a puppy):


This photo pretty  much  tells you everything  you  need to know  about  Brad!

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