Greetings From Our “Human Cave!” Also, Day 11 Quarantine Update…


It’s day 11 of me not working…we decided we’d play some of the “streaming” live trivia options available to us tonight, then we adjourned to our “game room,” where I proceeded to kick my husband’s ass. All the while doing my best accent of Pam from the TV series “Archer.” Which apparently I’m pretty good at doing! I was playing a beefy blonde female character named Brynn in the game “Red Dragon Inn.”

We even made up a dialogue…

Brynn: “I drank stronger drinks when I was hazing for a fraternity.”

Fiona: “Don’t you mean sorority?”

Brynn: “No, I mean fraternity. I said if they didn’t let me in, I would kick their asses.”

Fiona: “So they let you in, then?”

Brynn: “No, I kicked all of their asses and took over their frat house.”

All board gaming aside, what have I learned about myself during all of this togetherness? For one, I’m not… that bad of a cook! Also, I tend to use up ALL of the leftover food! I was cooking up some ground turkey for tacos this evening, and remembered we had leftover sliced taters in the fridge. I made homemade English chips and turkey burgers a couple of days ago, and I didn’t used all of the sliced taters (they wouldn’t all fit in the electric skillet). So I decreed that the little bit of taters would chopped up and put into the mix with the taco meat and veggies!

Jesus…those tacos were good!

Also, I’ve been trying to REALLY hit the exercise! Some real heart-pounding walks! If this Coronavirus wants to attack my lungs, then for f—s sake, I want my lungs to give the virus a run for its money!

Willl I survive? How the HELL do I know All I want to say is I want to go down fighting!

These are dark times indeed…

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