Recap of “Live Streaming” Trivia Games (March 25, 2020)

My “trivia pardner” – whom also happens to be my Quarantine 2020 housemate/husband – and I checked out two “live stream” trivia shows Wednesday night. One of them was hosted by Mike D the Sporcle MC, who presented a one-game show broadcast from what appeared to be his living room! We also “tuned in” to a live stream of a show hosted by My Trivia Live “TJ” Devin. I didn’t take really good notes, but here are some questions anyway – starting with the Sporcle Live host’s show (please note they are not in order):
Also, sorry, no answers…just do your best (thanks)! I was just playing for fun and to hear some trivia questions again (boy was that nice…)
Mike D questions:
1. Cars – The Trans Am was a specialty package for whatt model vehicle upgrading its handling, suspension, horsepower and other features?
2. Movie Characters – In what film does a character played by Daniel Day Lewis threaten to kill a character by loudly asking a crowd, “What’ll it be then? Rib or chop? Loin or shank?”
3. Recent Music – In November, 2019, what artist released the single “Don’t Start Now” from her upcoming album “Future Nostalgia,” which is set to be released on Friday? No clue on that one…we needed our younger teammate for this one,.
4. Video Game Characters – Besides Donkey Kong, name one of the other three playable Kong characters in the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy for Super Nintendo. Nerd point for naming two of the three.
5. Rivers – Brower’s Spring, which has been marked as the ultimate headwaters of the Missouri River, is in which U.S. state? Mike knew this one…
6. Geology – What is the name of the layer of silicate rock found between the earth’s crust and the outer core?
7.Sports – What racket sport played by two to four players in a four-walled court is played with a small hollow rubber ball and is managed by a governing body known as the WSF? Yay, an “ocho sport” question!
8. TV – Who hosted a PBS TV series airing from 1983 to 1994 in which the first episode that aired was titled “A Walk In the Woods” and the last episode that aired was titled “Wilderness Day?” Miss…we put Bob Vila…
9. Authors – What was the name of Dr. Seuss’ last published book?
10. Plants – Acorn, crookneck, pattypan and spaghetti are all different cultivars of what produce?
My Trivia Live Questions:
(Please assume these are super abbreviated…)
1. Six-letter suffix for removal of tonsils or appendix, for example…
2. What was Ben Franklin’s pseudonym?
3. What newspaper debuting in 1982 featured a full-color photo of Princess Grace on its page one of its first edition published?
4. What bald, barefoot characters with an oversized nose was created by a greeting card employee?
5. What animal is also known as a “sea cow?”
6. Who was known as the “singing cowboy?”
7. The company known for its “United Colors” ads in the ’80s was known by what name?
8. What U.S. city has been nicknamed “Charm City?” I guessed Salem Massachusetts…wrong.
9. What two modern U.S. airlines share their names with U.S. states?
What animal’s venom valued at nearly $40 million per gallon is used in medicine including treating arthritis?

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