I May Not Be Hot Enough To Stop Traffic – But Maybe I Can Slow It Down A Little!

I went for a walk in an adjacent neighborhood today, and was kind of floored with how fast all of the drivers were going. I mean…it was like the LeMans, for f—s sake! Sure, I COULD have just gotten onto a sidewalk to avoid all of the nonsense, but I was feeling…feisty!

First off, lemme tell you something about me if you haven’t met me in person. I’m not an itty bitty person. The word “petite” is not a word anyone would use to describe me! In my more confident moments, I like to describe myself as “Amazonian.” Yes, I’m a tall woman…and no, I won’t reveal my height to anyone but the hard-working folks at the local DMV or under penalty of death…(trust me I’m super tall).

So…instead of just getting on the sidewalk and letting all of those asshole drivers drive too f—ing fast, I embarked on an “experiment.” Wearing a bright-green T-shirt which was pretty visible, I decided I would extend my arms their full height above my head each time I saw a car coming my way – and walked in the roadway facing traffic (as far over to the side of the road as I could go). Keep in mind, this was a residential area, not a thoroughfare!

Sure enough, most cars tended to slow down when they saw me holding my arms above my head! There was just one car that didn’t slow down…so I would have to say overall the results were mixed!

Sure, I was running the risk of getting hit by a car…but if they hit me, trust me…my body would do significant body damage (did I mention earlier that I’m not a waif)?

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