Trivia Night Tonight! March 25, 2020

Still can’t go out to live trivia games for the time being, but I will be tuning in to My Trivia Live’s Facebook page for a “live” show featuring one of their hosts – on video – reading questions. They are even taking league numbers as credit for points next season!

A friend of mine played last night, and messaged me while the game was going on.

“What’s your league number?”

Funny…I was actually “watching” the game going on, but didn’t have the sound on!

This will be my first time tuning into this thing, and I’m pretty sure it will be impossible to record the questions that they ask, so sadly…I won’t be able to do a proper game recap! This will still be a nice diversion while everyone remains under virtual “house arrest” from COVID-19.

And…hold the phone – I just saw that a Sporcle host (Mike D) – will be doing a live show at 7 on his host page! I’ll have to get the headphones to tune into that one since my dear housemate is watching TV…oh the joy of all of this togetherness we’ve been having lately

Perhaps a nice game of Trivial Pursuit will follow in the “human cave!” Or maybe we’ll just chill

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