Pardon Me While I Get On A Soapbox…


I’ve never been a “thoughts and prayers” kind of person, even though I respect that there are some folks whom are comforted by holding these ideals. Rather, I choose to put my “faith” in SCIENCE!, technology, brains, innovative thinking, and sense of urgency. All of these things are tantamount in dealing with what’s ravaging our planet – and specifically this nation – at this moment.

Let’s not forget what a savior Jonas Salk was (and still is) when the polio vaccine became¬†available – which virtually ended DECADES of polio epidemics. And only since 1994 has the U.S. been officially “polio free.” Polio didn’t just cripple people, it KILLED them. It’s worthy to note that my husband’s grandfather suffered from the effects of polio his entire life. On some mornings, it would take him HOURS to get out of bed – only so he could get into a motorized scooter. We can all forgive him posthumously for his crankiness. He was in chronic pain that only got worse as he aged.

Now we have an epidemic that can just take people of all ages down at the drop of a hat. Enter the sense of urgency…we need protective equipment for our health care workers, we need beds in the hospitals, we need test kits, we need to fight this NOW. This isn’t our first epidemic (as a nation, or as a globe), and it ain’t our first rodeo. We have tools available to us now that people battling the Spanish flu couldn’t even dream of. I don’t want to have to mourn any single person I know who died because of this virus. Though I think I’m being very optimistic here.

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