I Think I Have Become The Biggest Fan Of…Cabbage!

On St. Patrick’s  Day, I visited  a local food co-op in a  vain  search for leeks to make a hearty  Irish  stew. The leeks were sold out, so I picked up a head  of green cabbage  instead. Only now that the Irish stew  is gone – am I seeing what a wise  choice I made…

Why? Because it’s (possibly) helped my arthritic husband keep up with me on walks! I think  I can chalk this up to cabbage’s healthy  punch – loaded  with vitamins  (even K), this stuff packs a giant anti-inflammatory  punch!

Also, it’s  cheap, widely available, versatile  (can be eaten raw and it can be cooked), keeps well and… it’s  delicious!

But the fact that it’s (possibly)  benefiting my husband’s  health is of the utmost  importance! Over the past nearly  10 years, I’ve  seen him struggling  with gout (a family curse for him), joint stiffness, pain…geez he’s  even had to use  crutches  and canes. Even on some  recent walks he’s  struggled a bit, though the worst of his gout issues seem to be done (his dad correctly  predicted  he would be done  with gout attacks by his mid 40s). Seeing him in so much pain has been painful for me, too (don’t  like seeing my sweetie in pain)!

I’ll  have to find more ways to use  this “superfood!”

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