Day 7 Corona Virus House Arrest Update…

Still no signs of infection in my two-person household. Other than a grocery run last Tuesday  and some random “booze runs,” we haven’t  really  left the house. Except for some walks (went to a local pet cemetery  Saturday)! We’ve  been super careful when we go out, keeping  appropriate  “social distances,” using hand sanitizer  before and after visiting stores, etc. We’ve  also been trying to stay away from “big” stores.

I just  made a (yummy) stirfry dinner tonight…using  the bag of rice I was fortunate  enough  to score right  after “shoppageddon” started. I know  it’s  one of the hot commodities  in stores  right  now, along with meats and pastas. And duh…toilet paper! We’re  good for probably  at least 3-4 weeks for paper products. Our freezer, fridge  and cupboards  still pretty stocked.

Today, we decided to “stock up” on some vodka – and bought two 1.75 liter bottles and a couple of big bottles of cranberry  juice -as well as a small bottle  of lime juice from a very unbusy liquor store by the mall (mall is closed). With some stores refusing to take empties right now, switching  to liquor  for a bit might be the thing  to do!

To stretch out the juice and keep the  drinks from being overly  sweet, we’ll  dilute the juice  a bit.

Having  some drinks on hand has made the evenings  at home more bearable! Later, we’ll  probably  adjourn to the “human cave” in the basement  for games and music! I came SO close to kicking  his ass in “Monsters  Menace  America” last night! Rematch is on tonight! You’re  going DOWN, mister!

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