Some Thoughts About The Boy Scouts…

So the Boy Scouts are declaring bankruptcy so that they have enough funds available to handle all of the lawsuits that have been placed against them over the years  by little boys whom have been MOLESTED BY THEIR SCOUT LEADERS! Holy F—!  Why has this been allowed to happen? I try NOT to hate people, but stories like this makes it really, really super hard.

Dear f—ing lord….I hate this planet with all of my being right now! I spent six years in Girl Scouts and NEVER ONCE ENCOUNTERED a troop leader trying to fondle me. I also never heard about any troop leaders trying to finger the girls or teach them about “scissoring.” What the holy f— is wrong with people?

I know plenty of other folks whom have been involved with the Boy Scouts whom have never had to deal with this shit. And I know, I know… it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the barrel, yada yada. But this stuff is just SICK, bro!

If Boy Scouts of America goes the way of Harvey Weinstein because of all of this, so be the f— it. If this child-molesting institution has to die because of its OWN F—-ING PROBLEMS, then so…be it.

Sick. Sad. World. Stop this planet of the apes, I want to get off. Right now.

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