Weather Watch For Trivia This Week (Week of February 24, 2020)

I may be calling off my trivia team’s trivia night Wednesday, February 26 because of snow in the forecast. We’re in a fairly significant (and insurmountable) lead at the bar we play on Wednesday nights, and, well…sometimes it’s just nice to stay home rather than drive around when the weather’s shitty – when you don’t have to!

If I call off Wednesday’s game, we’ll probably still play Thursday at Sticks.

I’ve done plenty of foolhardy/crazy things in the pursuit of trivia over the past several years. I’ve driven to and from games/tournaments in snowstorms, I’ve played multiple times in a week to satisfy “barhop” requirements, I’ve even walked to numerous trivia games (it’s not a short walk – the shortest walk I have to a trivia spot in my ‘hood is about 1.3 miles to the Corner Brewery). We’ve made sure to play every week at countless trivia spots so as not to lose our standing. I’ve made great strides over the past few years in stepping back from my trivia addiction. Now would someone give me a chip or whatever the Hell it is those AA people get for not drinking?

Speaking of AA, there is an AA spot (a small church building which is not used as a church anymore as far as I know) not far from where I live, which is also a short distance from a bar I visit from time to time. My “evil” side has thought about bringing in a growler of beer to one of these AA meetings and claiming that I thought this was a craft beer enthusiast’s meeting. Of course I’m never, ever going to do such a thing! No way would I f— with recovering alcoholics! I just think it’s funny that an AA spot is so close to a bar!

Back to the topic of trivia – does the fact that I’ve stepped back from my trivia addiction a bit mean that we’re “semi-retired” now? Perhaps! I like trivia to NOT be a “have to” thing in my life!

I’ll make the “call” on or before 5 p.m. Wednesday as to whether we’re playing that night or not.

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