Some Pub Trivia Topics I’ll Never Give a F— About…

I’ve been playing bar trivia competitively for about eight years now, and I’ve put forth a lot of effort into helping improve my team’s game by “studying” some topics that are likely to come up in trivia games. Some of those “topics” include –  but are not limited to:

  • Capital Cities
  • Big Four Sports Teams/Logos
  • Best Picture winning movies
  • Countries of Africa
  • Sovereign island nations
  • Animated Movies
  • High Grossing Movies
  • U.S. Presidents
  • People who have Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards
  • People Magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive”
  • Periodic Table elements

However – as dedicated as I’ve been with attempting to shove various bits of useless knowledge into my brain for the sake of trivia supremacy (ahem). There are…  some topics that I won’t touch with a 10-foot pole, for reasons including but not limited to stubbornness, lack of interest, abject hatred – and other various factors!

10footclownpole - Copy

Trivia Topics I Can’t Bring Myself To Care About:

And My Reasons For Not Caring!

  • Woody Allen films. Why? I think he’s a disgusting pervert –  and his movies are highly overrated. Even long before he married Soon-Yi-Previn, he made the movie Manhattan, which is about a man ditching his wife and making smooth with a much, much younger woman:


Woody Allen and Mariel Hemingway in the 1979 movie Manhattan. Which I refuse to watch…

I remember trying to watch Annie Hall before and it was positively…cringeworthy.  Especially that cocaine scene where it blows all over the room. If anyone else on my teams wants to step up and learn about this neurotic, overrated hack – they can have at it!

  • Billy Joel’s song “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Why? Well, it’s NOT because I hate Billy Joel! I just happen to hate THAT song. I think it wastes his talents as a piano player.
  • “Current” music. Why? I think it’s pretty all auto-tuned garbage – also this is why we have a 30-something player on our team! The old saying used to be “If it’s too loud – you’re too old.” Now I think it should be, “If it’s too autotuned, you’re too old.”
  • Children’s TV. Why? I don’t have children, and unless the question is about a show I happened to watch when I was a kid, chances are I’m not going to know the answer…or care!
  • Emmy and Grammy Awards. Why? I just don’t…care! I try looking at lists of winners when they do the shows, but my brain just can’t bring itself to absorb this garbage.


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