Fifty Degrees In Michigan – In February? Get OUT!

When it’s a 50 degree day in Michigan – and sunny – AND it’s winter? What do people tend to do?



People tend to get the f— out of their houses! Some of them still think it’s winter and wear their heavy coats (saw lots of older Asian folks doing that today), and some people wore shorts. I just wore a long-sleeve t-shirt and a lightweight vest. What was even more shocking is that everyone kept their dogs on leashes! Though some were better at walking on leashes than others! An Australian shepherd on a leash definitely looked like he/she didn’t want to be on a leash!

Today’s walk was in a very crowded Gallup Park in Ann Arbor, MI. I didn’t really take any photos on the walk itself, but I did take a photo of the outside temperature displayed in my car:


I also took a car selfie (as part of the whole Winter Carnival shirt a day thing):


Though it’s cut off in the photo, I can assure you this is the 2001 Michigan Tech Winter Carnival T-shirt! I’ve gone through almost all of the ones I own during this month already.


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