Second Place Game 1…

My husband  and I played  at Sticks tonight  for s &gs. We came from  last and snagged second place for knowing  the final. Those  regular  round  qs were rough!

I’ll  try  to  get  a recap posted  Friday, but  if happy  hour  beckons when I get home from work…decisions! I won’t  do  drunken  recaps  (a gal’s  gotta have  some standards).

I won’t  keep my blog  stalkers…I mean *followers* hanging! I’ll  let  you  know  what’s shakin’. I feel like I’m  getting my groove  back now that work has calmed down – I want to start taking  walks again. Not just  melting into the couch  when I get  home.

Stay  tuned, and…


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