Trivia Recap – December 19, 2019 – Tower Inn

My apologies for posting this so late…my Internet service at home decided to take a nap while I was writing this earlier! Thankfully I saved this whole thing in a text document so I didn’t have to re-type the whole thing. Don’t you just love technology?

We played what will be our last My Trivia Live game of the year Wednesday at Tower Inn, since the last two Wednesdays of  2019 fall on holidays. Doesn’t it kind of suck when holidays fall in the middle of the week – especially if you don’t have a job that just lets you have the whole damn week off? Who doesn’t love long weekends? All right, whiny commentary is officially turned off, since this IS the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? Would Andy Williams – that peppy guy who sang The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – and Moon River –  lie to us?


Sorry Andy Williams – I disagree with you! #halloweengirl #octoberisthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear

What DIDN’T suck was winning a first place/$30 prize, even if we did have to wager zero and almost talked ourselves out of the right answer! Classic Pods maneuver…

Without any more inane chatter and griping about work schedules and what days holidays fall on this year (grumble, grumble) how about some trivia questions? Please assume they are all abbreviated versions of the questions presented to us.

Round One

1. ’60s Songs – Twist and (BLANK) are titles of songs by both the Isley Brothers and The Beatles?

2. Berries – The juice of what berry is commonly used to help fight urinary tract infections? This prompted a discussion about jokingly doing a “how to” brochure on how to get these things, and about how UTIs are pretty much a female rite of passage into adulthood, yada yada… (ahem) – does anyone else want a vodka cranberry right about now – maybe with just a splash of ginger beer and a lime wedge? Guess you could call it a Cape Codder Mule (you’re welcome)!

As for variations on this cocktail, you could also reverse the ginger beer/cranberry mixture, tone down both and make it more “skinny” with flavored seltzer water, or just drink the vodka straight and chase it with a raw cranberry, because  it’s the holidays, dammit! 🙂

3. Word Origins – In its original language, what word – commonly used to refer to people who serve coffee –  also describes someone who works behind a counter?

Round Two


Beavis and Butt-Head with the neighborhood ne’er do well Todd. Fun fact? My first boyfriend’s name was Todd! We decided to take all of our clothes off in front of each other in his parents’ garage when I was not even 3 (he was even younger than me which is proof that I was destined to be an  unsavory influence on the opposite sex even at a tender young age, LOL)!

1. Cartoon Duos – What duo “did” America in a 1996 animated movie? Funny, we got this question the same night that Sporcle Live players had this question:

Not counting cameo appearances as himself, Bruce Willis has voiced characters in five feature length films. Name three of those five films.

2. Dance – In ballet, how many dancers are involved in a pas de deux? We almost overthought this by thinking too much about what the word “pas” means in French, but we got this… For the record, I know far more about the language of ballet than I do about ballet itself! #balletdropout

3. Newspapers – At the time, what newspaper was marketed as the “Nation’s Newspaper?” For a three point bonus, what East coast newspaper has been published longer than any other U.S. newspaper? Did not attempt the bonus question…

Round Three

1. Current Movies – What recently released movie is based on a 2000 movie which was in turn based upon a 1976 TV series?

2. Hockey News – After 33 years on the CBC show “Hockey Night in Canada,” which former player and coach was fired because of his offensive commentary?

3. Music Genres – The Specials, No Doubt and Mighty, Mighty Bosstones are all primarily identified with what Jamaican based music genre?

Halftime – Christmas Shows on TV

Given the characters and the year it aired, identify the animated Christmas TV special.

H1 – Hermey and Yukon Cornelius, 1964

H2 – Karen and Professor Hinkle

H3 – Wayne and Lanny, 2009

H4 – Martini and the Postman, 1999

We only got the first two of these correct…maybe we need to listen to more Andy Williams – or more Karen Carpenter holiday songs and get some more holiday spirit, dammit! Did y’all know I listened to the entire Carpenters holiday album last year just to see if it would make me go insane? It didn’t…but there were a couple of close calls!

We were in first with 31 points at the half out of three teams (crowds were light because Eastern students might have already headed back home for winter break).

Round Four

1. Sports Fights – In 1994, EPSN2 host Jim Rome got into an on-air fight with Jim Everett because Rome wouldn’t stop calling Everett by what name?

2. Inventors – What inventor did not have much luck with his 19th century invention the electric pen – because of the advent of the typewriter?

3. Products – What type of product is “Fisherman’s Friend?”

Round Five

1. Art – What word described the early, mechanized creations of Alexander Calder? Used our “word of the day” to get out of answering this one…

2. Rappers – Rapper Post Malone has the words “always tired” under what body part?

3. Awards – Irving Berlin and Enrico Fermi were recipients of the now defunct medal of (blank) – which is a descriptive quality beginning with the letter M? Hm, the word “miss” also starts with that letter…

Round Six

1. Technical Difficulties – What is the two-word phrase for replacing someone’s image with another person using artificial neural networks?

2. Collectibles – What company, originally a mail-order company,  was founded in 1978 and sold collectible figurines called God Loveth the Cheerful Giver and Love One Another?

3. Diamonds are Forever – In SCIENCE!, the Mohs scale defines a diamond as being rated a 10 in terms of what attribute? Queue up the dirty jokes (we didn’t need question 1 in round two to encourage this, LOL)…

We held onto our lead and were in first with 65 points going into the final.

Category – From Here To There

At a distance of more than 3,000 miles, the closest point in the U.S. to the African continent is Quoddy Head, which is located in what U.S. state?

Evan came up with the right guess right  away, and because I had word “quoddy” buried in my brain because of a fifth grade report I did on  U.S. states (yes really), all we had to do is  tell Brad to…for the love of Cthulhu – not start playing devil’s advocate and talking us out of  this answer! Brad, I love ya, but sometimes…sometimes (grrr)!

Got it correct, didn’t wager because there was too much discussion….thankfully no teams behind us got it and wagered…
Top Teams – Red Robot, 30; Get on My Level, 54; ‘Pods, 65.

We’re changing up our trivia routine next week because of the holidays, and will be playing on Festivus (or December 23, if you’re not into made-up holidays from Seinfeld). The ugly Christmas sweaters will be entirely optional, though with any ‘Pods trivia night (whether they fall on Festivus or not), there could be the airing of grievances, feats of (attempted) strength, and wrestling our trivia team captain to the ground! Just let me wrestle with my “good” arm, guys! 🙂 As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Chris Evert!

We also plan to play tonight! My work schedule is calming down a bit, and I no longer have to “babysit” the new hire (who was only a temp). So if we actually make it out to the game, this means I’ll have a recap to post on Friday. Isn’t that exciting? Uh…yeah right!





One thought on “Trivia Recap – December 19, 2019 – Tower Inn

  1. R1 – shout , cranberry, batista
    R2 – Beavis and butthead, two, usa today/hartford Courant
    R3 – Charlies angels , don cherry, ska
    Halftime – rudolph, frosty , prep and land, olive the other reindeer
    R4 – chris, edison, lozenge
    R5 – mobile, eyes, merit
    R6 – deep fake, precious moments , hardness
    Final Maine

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