Thursday’s Recap Coming Soon (December 20, 2019)

At the moment, I’m  waiting  for my “turn” to use my husband’s  computer  and will be able  to type up a recap of Thursday’s game.

This  silence is SO FUCKING WONDERFUL! Listening  to holiday music  all day has the potential  to make me “stabby” by the end of my shift, but today  I’m  just…annoyed. Having  that temp employee  out of the picture has had a huge  impact on my mood. It’s  probably  because of my heightened  sensitivity  to other’s emotions, but only  now that  he’s  gone,  do I see how much of a negative  impact he had on my mojo. He never said much of anything, but there was something  about his presence that sucked the energy  out of the room. And sucked a lot of energy out of me, apparently. I wish this whole…empathy thing was something I could turn off, but I can’t – it’s just who I’ve been my entire life.

He didn’t  even want the job, so my sympathy well for him not having  it anymore  is pretty…dry.

Well, I get to use the computer now, so…adios!

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