Update on My Periodic Table Shenanigans…

I’ve recently decided to pretend I’m taking a high school chemistry class and learn more about the Periodic Table. By choice, not because Mr. Abbott said to do  it! So I made my own hand-drawn Periodic Table of Elements  during some “down time” yesterday afternoon:


Today, I took two separate quizzes on the Sporcle website about the Periodic Table. Apparently, I’m much better at naming the elements when given their symbols (about 70 percent) compared to naming  the elements straight up (about 50 percent). The key to the REAL success on these quizzes is  spelling the element names correctly!

I think I really like the element Darmstadtium. I don’t know a blessed thing about it (yet), but it makes me think about drunken sports fans slurring their words and complaining about the “darm stadtium.” Maybe I will take a look at each element and come up with some clever way to remember each of their names! Rhodium? Well, it’s where Rhoda Morgenstern comes from (of course)!  Whatever works…right?


Rhodium has sadly become more scarce since Valerie Harper’s death in August,  2019.

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