Five Players For Trivia Tonight…

We’ll be playing in a very competitive trivia spot tonight, and I’ll have five players for that game! It’s pretty rare when I get summon more than 3-4 players  for a “regular” season game, so this is big news. I need all the help I can get when we play at the “Corner Brewery!”

The last time we attempted to “qualify” there as a tournament spot was in 2018, when the league was still doing “venue tournaments” at the end of the  seasons to pick regional tournament teams. We wound up finishing fourth overall out of..maybe 16 teams in contention?

One of the players is a “loaner” from a rival team whom will be backing us up in the My Trivia Live tournaments in December. This is a means of “testing” how we all mesh together as a team.

Unless it’s a spur of the moment thing, I don’t even tend to try playing at this spot anymore unless I can summon some really good players. Our “millennial” will supposedly be in attendance, so that will be good!

And having this other guy in the mix will add a “wild card” element for sure! He will be the third player from his team  to back up my team in some fashion.

I’ll try posting my recap before I have  to go to work on  Thanksgiving…



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