Facebook Clue For Tonight (November 27, 2019)

Editor’s note: This is a “social media” clue I’m sharing second hand from one of the hundreds of Sporcle Live trivia hosts’ Facebook pages where they share “clue” answers for each game. I don’t know what the question will be in the game, and even if I did, I wouldn’t share that information here (is there no honor among thieves)? Do with this “clue” what you will. I’m not elaborating on this, speculating about what the question will be or ANYTHING else. I’m only posting this as a “courtesy” for the Sporcle Live players out there who might follow this blog – but don’t necessarily use Facebook at all –  or very often. 


I’ll have at least four players at tonight’s game at the “Corner Brewery.” I never think we stand much of a chance at this trivia spot, but it was the best “local” spot we could play tonight. Go Pods!

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