First/Second Place Wins Tonight!

Won prizes in BOTH trivia games  in tiebreaker  questions  tonight!

Also, our “new hire” seemed  to mesh well with us.

But seriously  – who DOESN’T  love playing  with The ‘Pods?

Yes, we’re  “quirky.” Yes, the atmosphere  on our team is like a pirate ship. We’re  crude, unrefined  and always  guilty  of TMI.

But we all love each other – and every  player  on my team would follow me into Hell if I asked them to. I’ve had countless  “helpers” over the years who would do the  same thing  if I asked  them  to (you all know who you are and I love you all – like people  on my own team).

I’m  in denial  that  I have  to work  Thursday  and Friday!

Happy  Thanksgiving!



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