What Are My Most Viewed Blogs (November, 2019)?

I occasionally like to take a look at my blog “stats” and see which blogs tend to get the most traffic! What’s the point of writing blogs y’all aren’t going to bother reading?

Apparently, you like to read about cabin trips! A blog about a cabin trip I took in May, 2018 is my most viewed blog of all time with 254 total views (all time), and 180 views during 2019 alone. If you haven’t been convinced to rent a rustic cabin at Cheboygan State Park yet, then I’m never going to convince you!

Another blog I wrote about a roundup of all of my cabin trips turns out to be quite popular, too with 46 total views in 2019.

I’d love to do another cabin trip at this park…it’s a great way to get a fairly private, unobstructed view of one of the Great Lakes (Lake Huron). Being able to see the Mackinac Bridge in the distance is…quite cool! And also being able to see freighters!

Here’s a look at my most viewed blogs of all time:


As for 2019, the list isn’t that much different from my all-time list. However, I did do a couple of blogs that involved folks I knew who died – or who were dying. One of which was a recap from February, 2019 at Powell’s Pub, and another photo blog was about my dear friend Archie Crawford, who died in August of 2019 after a battle with cancer.

I already know readers/stalkers/followers of this blog site like reading trivia recaps, like reading about Michigan state parks and outdoor adventures, like beer and drinking-related blogs and like reading obscure facts about the movie Porky’s!

Well, what about me? What is my favorite blog I’ve ever written? That would have to be my blog about targeted ads for serial killers. So there you go!

Thanks, as always, for visiting this site! I’ll keep on writing – if you keep on reading!


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