So…Is “No Drink November” Canceled? Well, Yes – And No

As some of you know, I attempted to make November, 2019 “No Drink November” for myself as a personal challenge (and also for health reasons). I’ve done quite well with the challenge – I only had drinks on three different occasions since November 1 (two of those occasions only involved one drink each). Since I used to have drinks almost every night, this is a big improvement!

I decided to have some drinks last night – and really enjoyed myself! I tried to be “smart” about it – not drink on an empty stomach (I had one beer with dinner at a local watering hole, where I logged a Buzztime win during happy hour), and had some drinks at a different bar after that.

I’ll still continue to keep the drinking in moderation and try to only drink on nights when I don’t have to work the next day (or don’t have to work too early). I may have a couple of drinks the night before Thanksgiving – and will DEFINITELY have some drinks on Black Friday!


I’ll do my best to remain committed to cutting back on the drinking until the end of the year. I like that we’re saving money, and I like that I’ve lost just a little bit of weight. But…I also like beer, and I’m way too much of a human to deny myself beer ALL the time.

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