Trivia Recap – Feb. 19, 2019 – Powell’s Pub

My husband and I played under the “Fast Times at Miskatonic High” name and hit up the My Trivia Live scene Monday at Powell’s Pub. This was our first MTL game we’d played since the finals in mid December and a regular season MTL game in late December. And this was our first visit to Powell’s in about six months. Stacy is now the official “trivia jockey” here, having replaced previous host George. We had a nearly perfect first half, missing just one 1-point question, but stumbled a bit more in the second half – blowing six points on a dog question certainly made us “howl” a bit! Not really…it’s generally not a good idea to howl in a bar (I don’t care if you fancy yourself a wolf and you think a woman looks hot..tsk tsk), though apparently it IS OK to blow a train whistle! Yes, a team playing under the name “All Aboard” (a barhop team) blew a train whistle every time the host announced their name on the mic. Where does one purchase train whistles? Despite our second half flubs, we still managed to get the final question correct and win enough money to cover ALMOST our whole bar tab! Powell’s awards gift certificates instead of gift cards as trivia prizes, so if you win them, you kind of have to spend them all at once – so the $10 gift card was “just right” for our purposes on this night!
In some sad news, I learned that one of the players on the “All Aboard” team named Mark M. has begun receiving cancer treatments – and has received a very negative prognosis. I know this man loves trivia games as much as I do, and has been a loyal follower of my team’s Facebook page for a few months now. I met him for the first time last September at the ROC bar in Plymouth, he actually took the time to introduce himself to me and my husband, and told me he enjoyed reading my trivia game recaps. In a world where so much communication occurs via text messages, Facebook messenger and other “instant messages,” it can be truly gratifying – at times to have a “real” face to face conversation with a human being. In November, his team, “Let’s Get It,”  qualified for its first Sporcle finals – and he told me that he was glad his team didn’t have to battle my trivia team for the tournament spot at Oscar’s.
Thanks, Mike for sharing this news with me, I was truly saddened to hear it. He said Mark wants to play as many trivia games as he can in the following days… I wish Mark nothing but the best in his recovery! I know I haven’t been much in the MTL “loop” these days and haven’t been playing too many MTL games, but please…keep me informed about things when you get a chance to talk to me!
In other sad trivia related news, a player named Maria on the This is Sparta team died in early October following a brief illness. She died suddenly while in the shower on the morning of a doctor’s appointment.
And the questions, most of which will be abbreviated…
Round One
1. State Nicknames – What U.S. state is nicknamed “The Peach State?” 5
2. Medical Terms – What word beginning with the letter “h” is the medical term for bad breath? 3
3. Food Origins – Creole cuisine is considered “native” to what U.S. state? 1
Round Two
1. TV Networks – When ESPN launched, what did the letter “P” stand for in its name? Miss for 1.
2. Law – What two-word term describes a jury unable to reach a verdict, resulting in a mistrial? 5
3. Oscars – For what 2008 film did Heath Ledger win a posthumous supporting actor Oscar? Bonus – For what 1976 film did Peter Finch win a best actor Oscar? Got both for 3 plus 3 bonus points.
Peter Finch uttered this 1976 film’s most iconic quote…
Round Three
1. Minerals – What six-letter word has been used to describe “fool’s gold?” Believe it or not, a Little House on the Prairie episode taught me this word! 5
2. World Series – When the Tigers beat the San Diego Padres in the 1984 world series, what manager became the first manager to win a World Series in both the National League and American League? This almost seemed TOO easy to be a sportsball question, so we only wagered 1.
3. Same Name – A 1980s “rockumentary” film shares its name with what medical procedure involving an injection? 3
Halftime – Next in line…
Identify the person succeeding the following people holding governmental positions:
1. Michigan Governor John Engler
2. U.S. President Calvin Coolidge
3. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
4. Phillipines President Ferdinand Marcos
Got all of these for two points each plus a bonus two points. We asked whether first and last names were required, and were told we only needed last names.
Halftime scores:
Halitosis Lovers, 20; Moon/Ham Wallets, 29; Says Who, 30; ‘Pods, 39; and All Aboard/One is the Loneliest Number 40.
Round Four
1. Authors – What author is in the Guinness Book of World Records for most novels written in a single year with 23 in 1983? Newsletter bonus, 6. When I heard this question being asked, I said to my husband that the author probably wrote “trashy romance novels,” and I just found out that I’m correct! Bodice rippers! Now THAT would be fun writing! Coming up with various “euphemisms” for body parts, such as “purple helmeted warrior” and “love pudding” (both of which I stole from a scene from Naked Gun 2 1/2  – The Smell of Fear – in which someone is giving a boring speech and puts everyone to sleep – so they give him a trashy romance novel to read on the mic, which wakes everyone back up).
2. TV – In what decade did the news show 60 Minutes premiere? I actually just learned this factoid very recently when I was reading an old More Beer Less Pants game recap (I think this was the subject of one of their final questions). What dumb luck! Though I “think” I would have come up with correct guess anyway, even had I not seen that old game recap… 4
3. Mythology – Often depicted as a man with a jackal head, which Egyptian god represents embalming and the dead? I told Mike he’d be fired from the team for missing this! 4
Glowing red eyes are NEVER a good sign!
Round Five
1. Phobias – Hippophobia is the abnormal fear of what animal – the host specifically said the animal is NOT a hippopotamus! Though if you know anything about hippos, fearing them is completely rational! They are quite the deadly beasts, despite being depicted as “cute” in cartoons (as seen below), 6.
One of the Animaniacs hippos
2. Games – In what country did the game of ping pong originate? Miss for 4.
3. Islands – What was Liberty Island’s name prior to 1996? Miss for 2.
Round Six
1. Temperatures – What is the only point on the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales where temperatures are the same? Miss for 4. At this point, a violent hippo attack might be preferable to blowing some of these questions!
2. Sports News – Jamal Adams made news recently when he tackled which NFL team’s mascot in the Pro Bowl? Mike made a lucky guess here for 2. While it’s unfortunate that this incident put the person playing the mascot in the hospital, I can “kind of” empathize with Adams’ feelings about sports mascots and other costumed mascots! They kind of freak me out (it’s a weird hangup I’ve had for quite a long time, I theorize it’s because of something that happened at Walt Disney World in 1981). I also have the same distaste/dread of “furries” (shudder).
What was the thinking behind this hybrid? “I know – let’s take a cute dog breed and make it uglier by breeding it with a pug!” SMH…
3. Dogs – A pug and what other breed make a “puggle?” Miss for SIX! Better blow the train whistle, because we’re about to get hit by a train!!! Too late…
Scores: Halitosis, 30; Moon/Ham Wallets, 53; Says who, 56; ‘Pods, 59; All Aboard, 70 and One is the Loneliest Number, 72.
Final Question –
Born in Chicago 77 years earlier, in December, 1997 Janet Rosenberg Jagar became the first female president of what South American country which had received international notice for a 1978 incident that had occurred there?
Final standings: ‘Pods, 118; All Aboard, 119 and One is the Loneliest Number, 142.
Until next time, which will be Thursday at Haymaker, Ann Arbor for the Star Trek theme night. We’ve decided that our team name will be “Shut Up, Wesley.” It sounds much funnier when Captain Jean-Luc Picard says it in season one of Star Trek: The Next Generation! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Jim Jones!

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