Another Sporcle Live Season Is “In The Books…”

Another Sporcle Live season is “in the books” now that the summer/fall 2019 season has drawn to a close.  We started things off in June, 2019 after the winter/spring season ended with us playing in a semifinal game at the YpsiAlehouse, where we failed to win a spot at the state tournament. Which was a tournament we would not have had enough players for anyway (we are kind of a skeleton crew and almost always have to “borrow” players for tournaments, more about that in a bit). We have about four “regulars” in our rotation – me, my husband Mike, our “best mate” Brad, and Evan, whom has been a regular since he randomly messaged me in August, 2017 asking if I needed players for a tournament. He’s helped in every Sporcle tournament since that time (even that finals tournament in December, 2017 in Lansing). Rounding out our team’s lineup are Dave and Joel, whom are both “part timers.” With Joel’s pilot schedule keeping him too busy to attend most games and Dave’s increasingly busy family life – and recent proposal to his girlfriend (whom he will move in with within the next few months), I don’t really expect to see either of them at too many games in the future. Though it is nice when I can get the whole “gang” together!

I decided I wouldn’t be RSVPing our team to play in semifinals this season. That’s because I knew I would only have three players for that game, and later learned that the finals would be about 90 minutes away in Lansing, MI. That’s just too far to go for a game (been there, done that), especially on a “school night” (Sunday). Inclement weather is definitely an issue too (the last time we had to play a tournament in Lansing I booked a motel room “just in case” and canceled it after learning the weather would be OK).

And yes…I was a little disappointed that we lost our venue lead at Sticks after playing there 18 consecutive weeks! We stopped playing at Sticks after that – not because we lost our lead – but because another trivia spot opened locally. Brad said he preferred to play only once a week, and I needed him more at the other spot (Tower Inn). Unless I hear differently from the My Trivia Live league, it appears that we won a spot by playing just four games here and plan to play in their tournaments next month.

For those games, I will have my “three amigos” lineup (me, Mike, Brad) and will have a “loaner” from a rival team whom has never played with our team before (though other players from their team have backed us up in numerous ways in the past – including an October, 2015 venue tournament. This player from that team wasn’t my first choice. My first choice was a player from that team who couldn’t commit to playing with us because of family obligations. It will be interesting to see how we mesh! Maybe I should try scheduling a game with this player sometime before the tournaments to give him a “test run.” A MTL game with him would probably be a good idea…

In addition to our 18 weekly games Monday nights at Sticks, we also played two games at Oscar’s Sports and Grill in Saline, one game at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (Corner Brewery) in Ypsilanti, eight games at The Owl in Milan, eight games Thursday nights at Sticks (Ypsilanti) and twice at Original Gravity Brewing Co. (Milan).

Another new trivia spot opened up in our neighborhood called Bobcat Bonnie’s, in downtown Ypsilanti. A “trivia comrade” of mine reported to me that the games there are kind of a hot mess…poor lighting being the main complaint. It’s a new trivia spot, so they have plenty of time to work out the “kinks” before the season starts next year. Also, I said that this player should do what has been suggested to me by other longtime players and “vote with his feet” if things were not to his liking.

It’s way too early to say what we’ll be doing when the new Sporcle Live season starts in January, 2020. We will be playing the Tower Inn games Wednesdays beginning the week of November 18 and continuing those at least through the end of the year to see how they go. I think that’s sufficient time to dangle our “tentacles” into the competitive waters! We did something similar to that in 2018 when we tried playing at JB’s Smokehouse in Canton – and ultimately decided that we weren’t going to commit to playing a whole season here. The competitive scene turned us off (we just couldn’t win prizes enough – and couldn’t get enough players to go to those games. Most importantly, I absolutely hated driving to games in Canton).

I may even try doing a “family game” at Tower Inn the night before Thanksgiving! I don’t get to see my family on Thanksgiving this year because I work in “Retailville,” (I have learned I will be working a day shift that day, so though I miss out on the family dinner, I don’t have to screw up my sleep schedule by working the graveyard shift that night) so I have to be creative about when/where I can see my family! I actually don’t mind missing out on Thanksgiving as much anymore. Though I love my family, I’m not “in love” with them (especially my overbearing, overly serious brother whom is a Green Bay Packers fan, LOL)! I only ask that they leave enough leftovers for me to make a “famous bowl” to shove at my face when I get done working on Thanksgiving…and some Dutch apple pie for dessert.

That’s about it for this trivia update! I will be cheering on my favorite teams playing in semifinal games Sunday even if I won’t be able to do that in person! I may try stopping in at least one of the semifinal games when it’s winding down just to see how it shakes out (see who advances). As always, Go Pods – and go all of you other teams attempting to get state tournament spots (except that one team that I hope doesn’t advance)!

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