Trivia Recap Oct. 19, 2015 (Venue Tournament ABC Brewpub Ann Arbor)


We managed to secure a spot in the Sporcle Live League Championship Sunday at Arbor Brewing Company in Ann Arbor, but as expected, it was no easy task! Special thanks to non-regulars Kevin and Damon for helping us out when we became suddenly strapped for players the day before (of all times, go figure). It just goes to show you – when you hear the call of Cthulhu, you’ve gotta accept the charges ;) And the accompanying night terrors? Icing on the cake!
We wound up in a tiebreaker for first place (besides one barhopper team which we will mention in a bit) along with our longtime friendly rivals, Corn Fritters, who also are advancing to Sunday’s tournament (yay!). Congrats to One is the Loneliest Number for not only taking the top spot in Sunday’s game but for playing a whopping 62 times in the past 15 weeks. That’s a lot of trivia! Our cup just runneth over – we are so overstimulated…anyway… This (primarily) one-person team proved to be “the” team to beat virtually all season. Go you!
On to the questions…
Game One
1. Alcohol – Kirschwasser is traditionally made from what fruit? Not a lot of certainty, but we got it for 2.
2. Anatomy – Which part of the human body is “le fois” in French?
3. Animated Films – Who provided the voice of Diego the sabretoothed cat in “Ice Age?” Brad’s brother Kevin for the big points, woo hoo!
4. Marvel – What is the primary weapon used by Hawkeye? For nerd bonus, in what decade was he created? Got both, though we almost were a decade too late.
5. Featured Artists – Singer Janelle Monáe was a guest vocalist on what 2011 song by “Fun?” Got it, but weren’t super sure for 1.
6. Hall of Famers – Dick Bavetta, Dallas Shirley and Earl Strom were all inducted into the basketball hall of fame in what category? Good guess – but broadcaster wasn’t correct. Miss for 3.
7. TV Settings- Edna’s Edibles was a gourmet food shop on what show that debuted in 1979?
8. Wars – During what war did Andrew Jackson fight the battle of New Orleans?
9. Logos – What company’s logo includes a depiction of a pyramid-shaped skyscraper that formerly housed its San Francisco headquarters? No clue, but we guessed Citgo. Wrong guess for 4.
10. National Parks – Great Basin National Park is located in a dry mountainous region of which U.S. state? Nope. Miss for 6 😦
Mystery: Sports Teams Anagrams (all with avian mascots)
1. Mobile Laser Trio
2. Ant Clans Afloat
3. Snow Replaces a Linen
4. Your Notable Jots
Got ’em all.
Heading into the half: Eleven teams with scores ranging from 27 to ??? (did not catch the score of the top team, but it was more than 71). We were in eighth with 55 points, which was not the best position in the world. But we stiffened up our lips and soldiered on…because there is no crying in trivia!
Game Two
1. Shakespeare – Which character in Hamlet said “This above all: to thine own self be true?” Nice work Brad! Shakespeare isn’t even “your” category!
2. ’90s TV – Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson were the main actors on what ’90s sitcom?
3. Expansions – Which NHL franchise began as an expansion team in 1991? There was more to this question, but didn’t write it all down. For nerd bonus, in what venue does this team play its home games? Missed both.
4. Commercials – Pepe the King Prawn was a Muppet character in an ad for which fast-food chain? Dropped our one here, we guessed Popeye’s.
5. Composers – Who composed “Peter and the Wolf?”
6. Soup – Noodle-based Pho soup originates from what country?
7. Book to Movie – What 1996 book, originally published anonymously, was made into a 1998 movie starring John Travolta? We should’ve known this, but alas, we didn’t miss for 2.
8. Islands – Sakhalin is the largest island belonging to what country? Kevin for the points here.
9. Rock Bands – What American band released its debut album “10” in 1990? Too easy for our team…
10. Minerals – What is the nine-letter word for a common naturally occurring magnetic mineral? Agonized a bit, but Mike managed to pull this one out of his ass. It looked painful, really. Still impressed that he remembered this one (and he says he never knows any answers, silly boy!). Seven points!
Mystery: Kevin Bacon [spoiler alert] this one really fried us….
Identify the movie based on the characters given
1. Captain Jack Ross
2. Jack Swigert
3. Jack Brennan
4. Valentine “Val” McKean
We missed 2, 3, and 4. Six points of separation between us and a perfect mystery round. Yup.
Heading into the final: Apollo 13/Umpires Strike Back, 99; Corn Fritters, 101, Miskatonic U., 106, Bed, Bath and Beyonce, 109; What the Shibboleth, 120, and One is the Loneliest Number, 121.
Final Category: Hip-Hop Songs
Put the following songs in order from earliest to latest release.
1. It’s Like That, Run DMC
2. Brass Monkey, Beastie Boys
3. Insane in the Brain, Cypress Hill
4. Fight the Power, Public Enemy
For some strange reason we still can’t quite figure out, we decided to wager just five points on this. To put us one point ahead of a certain team? Nope. We just decided to wager 5 points, none of us were confident enough in this category to “go big or go home.” But it’s a really, really good thing we wagered five points and not zero. We will get more into that in a bit. Long story short, we wound up in a tiebreaker for first (barhopper team One is the Loneliest Number notwithstanding) with the Corn Fritters. Tough, tough thing. We’ve known the players on that team for years – and they began playing around the same time we started playing in early 2012 at the brewery formerly known as Corner. One of their players, Archie, even played with us the last time we played in the Michigan tournament. And Mike and I have helped out their team in the past. We’ve watched lots, and lots of World Cup soccer at Archie’s house. Remember the time we watched four matches in one day? Whew, that was exhausting…So we had to get into a tiebreaker with them on this question: “How much money in the U.S. box office did Apollo 13 gross?” Damon came up with the guess of $160M. Like right away. As though producing it out of thin air (it was kind of amazing to see). We thought it seemed like a great guess, so we handed it in to Charlie. Turns out our guess was closest to the correct guess of $172 million. Whoa, Damon, that was brilliant! Nicely done! We went over to tell the Fritters “nice game, could have gone either way,” yada yada, but wait…turns out since we were both “technically” tied for first (outside the one barhop team we’ve already mentioned a couple of times), we might BOTH get to go to the tournament! So we waited while host Charlie made the call. Yes! Yes! We would BOTH get to go! It was a very happy moment. It really could not have gone better. Except for that little bit of grumpiness we caught wind of from a person on another team whose name will not be uttered here because it is absolutely not our policy to trash-talk other teams publicly on this page. We’re grown-ups and we can take trash talking, thank you! But that’s all we have to say about that. We’ll see some of you at the tournament Sunday, Go Pods!

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