Trivia Recap – Dec. 2, 2017 – Sporcle Live League Championship – The Riv (East Lansing)

It’s funny when you watch the clowns in the clown car gag – seeing maybe 20 or so clowns getting into a too-small car. Except if clowns terrify you because you’re a coulrophobe, but I digress! It wasn’t quite so funny today when 39 trivia teams – if all of them managed to show up – tried fitting into The Riv in East Lansing for the Sporcle Live league championship! After we arrived, we waited in line to be carded and given wristbands. OK, fine – some bars do that, not a big deal, and when you’re over 40, it’s kind of cute getting carded! But teams had to pick their own tables! Tables were not assigned in advance, as has been done at previous tournaments. Put that together with not enough “room at the inn” as it were, and you wind up with some latecomers without a table at which to sit! Speaking of tables, roughly half the tables were not designed for five players, but for 2-3 players. Probably at least a dozen players parked themselves at a “hangout” table area in front of the bar, with some of them in barstools, and some standing for the entire game. If you wanted to order food and drink, the only option was to navigate the overly crowded seating (backs of seats were touching each other) area to the bar, which was initially staffed by only two bartenders. One of the specials was $3 shots of flavored Absolut, so I opted for two doubles of those, thinking getting to the bar for refills might be a challenge (plus I needed to take a little edge off, wink-wink, and what’s better for that than good old vodka)! A server didn’t come around to our table until after 2,and the tournament started at 1. This may have been a decent spot for maybe 25 trivia teams max, NOT 39! Had it not been such a monumental task to get out of the booth and maneuver through the crowded room – with many seat backs touching each other – I might have taken pictures! I’m not trying to point any blame here at anyone, I’m just reporting what I witnessed, do with all of this what you will.
A couple of other snags…there was some kind of street fair event going on near the bar, which meant if you didn’t arrive by a certain time, you missed out on parking in the nearby garage. The automated ticket dispenser was not working when we first arrived around 11:15 to meet a friend for lunch, and that held up the line considerably! Eventually the Hal 1000 ParkBot opened the pod bay doors and let us in (pat yourself on the back if you get that pop reference, lol). Closer to game time, though, it was a different story! One of our players arrived to find a full parking structure, so he had to park elsewhere.
Another snag was the Power Point hookup didn’t work in the back room where we sat, though there seemed to be a concerted effort to do so. I managed to sit in the right spot at the table to see the screen in the front room (thank goodness my eyesight is still sharp). So now that you know I could manage to see the questions, how about typing ’em up! All righty! But before that, thanks to all who came to help us out today – John, Evan, Kimiberly and last but not poor, poor Mike who dealt with the various annoyances with utter grace (NOT)!
Game One
1. Arcade Games -What arcade game, released in 1986, featured characters controlling dragons and also trying to rescue their girlfriends, featured characters named Grumple Gromit, also known as Super Drunk? Kimberly for the points here, 3.
2. 20th Century Presidents – During the 20th century, William McKinley, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy all died in office in addition to what other president? 10
3. TV Characters – Lauren Ambrose for five seasons, Hayden Panetierre for four seasons and Rosario Dawson for going on two seasons all played characters with what first name? Kim again with correct guess, but only for 1.
4. Elevations – Not counting French Guiana, there are four countries in South America that have an average elevation of below 1000 feet. Name three of them. 6
5. Concert Tours – What band embarked on a farewell tour in 2000-2001 and only two years later came out of retirement to tour with Aerosmith? Funny, I was just talking about the correct band with someone just last night…but we did not put it down. Miss for 4.
6. Honor – The National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America is bests known by what four word name? No former Boy Scouts at our table…why oh why couldn’t they have asked about Girl Scouts – when we had two former Girl Scouts and a current Girl Scout leader on our team? Whining over…miss for 2.
7. Expansions – As part of a league expansion during the ’90s, what professional sports league featured teams named the Sacramento Gold Miners, the Shreveport Pirates and the Memphis Mad Dogs? We missed for 5.
8. Actresses – The last five Academy Award ceremonies have produced 22 different best actress nominees – 10 from the United States, five from the United Kingdom and three from what other country? Judging from some conversations I heard outside the bar after the game, we were not the only team to miss this..but we missed it for NINE.


We put down the country that this actress hails from, not the correct country.

9. Poems – Although published shortly after his death, what Edgar Allen Poe poem was the last completed poem in his life, possibly inspired by his wife, who died two years earlier? Another big miss for 8. Though we did pick a work by Poe!
10. Vaccines – Albert Sabin developed what oral vaccine first available in 1961 to prevent what infectious disease? We were on right track, but nope, another big miss for 7. Only 20 points going into the mystery round! Will we be able to recoup some points? Read on!
Mystery – Super Anagrams
Give the two words based on the clues that are both anagrams of each other.
1. Concert given by an individual musician and a piece of writing found in a newspaper
2. Part of speech modifying a verb or adjective and word meaning to have faced an unpleasant condition without showing fear
3. A race between two teams where each only cover a portion of the course and a word describing near the beginning of a period of time
4. To give knowledge and another term for the axilla
Got all of these, nice teamwork all!
Game Two
1. Famous Names – A National Park in Northern Australia, a species of fox-like mammal native to Chile and a medal awarded in even numbered years by the Royal Society are all named in honor of whom? 10
2. U.S. Capitals – From 1859 to 1900, the city of Newport was one of two co-capitals of which U.S. state? Hm, this is the second Sporcle finals in a row featuring a question about this state. Got this for 5.
3. Beverages – What fruit drink, now made by Minute Maid, originally was developed by Niles Foster in the 1940s and when introduced was only available in orange flavor? Another big miss for 9.
4. Nicknames – In films released in 1985, 1989 and 1990, what is the first and last name of a character nicknamed “Doc?” 8
5. World War History – In July, 1914, Joseph 1, emperor of Austria, signed a manifesto announcing a declaration of war on what country? I had this one right away, but was “Doubting Thomased” a bit, since we weren’t all sure whether the country had to be a “current” country or not But they stuck with my answer for 6.
6. TV Talk Shows – Ellie Kemper and Miley Cyrus have both served as substitute hosts for what long-running TV talk show, on both times because of the host being ill? 4
7. Hall of Famers – Three baseball Hall of Famers debuting after 1970 have played for at least seven different MLB teams during their careers and all of them have been inducted in the past 10 years. Name one of them. Miss for 1.
8. Musicals – What Rodgers/Hammerstein musical won the Tony Award for best musical in 1952 and also won the Tony for best revival of a musical in 1996 and was revived again in 2015? Are you ready for this? Another big miss for 7! We did pick another R&H that has also had a recent revival on London’s West End and in film, though not on Broadway.


We put down a recent revival in which this guy played Curley. Wolverine is apparently pretty talented with the song and dance.

9. Families – What is the last name of the family who was as recently as 1990 named the richest family in the U.S. before being overtaken by the Walton family? This namesake company was founded in 1911 by a man with the first name Franklin and the company is currently headquartered in Virginia. Miss for 2.
10. Zodiac – What is the zodiac sign of a person born on International Women’s Day? I remembered the last IWD vividly because of two notable things – me telling off a female supervisor, and me getting publicly accused of witchcraft (though I’m sure the accuser was joking, lol), too bad we only got this for 3.
Mystery – Fill in the blanks alphabetically based on the following lists.
1. Zach Snyder films – Justice League, Guardians of the Galaxy (BLANK) and Sucker Punch
2. Katy Perry studio albums – One of the Boys, Prism, (BLANK), Witness
3. Winter Olympics host cities – Lake Placid, Lillehammer (BLANK), Oslo
4. Current cabinet level heads – Perdue, Perry, Ross, (BLANK).
Missed #4. Forty-two points going into the final, a total of 70 points for both games.
Final Category- Days of the Week
Based on the following clues, one day of the week will be mentioned twice, and one day will not be mentioned at all. Name both of those days.
1. 1999 film featuring characters named Tony D’Amato and Christina Pagniacci
2. Highest-charting single by the Bay City Rollers
3. Character voiced on a 1990s animated series by Debi Derryberry
4. TV series debuting on NBC in 2006


This actor was in the series mentioned above, but this photo is NOT from that series…

5. Program debuting on USA network in January, 1993 (under the name it was originally known)
6. New wave vocal band known for the hit “Voices Carry.

7. 2003 Lindsay Lohan film
Nice teamwork all around on this one…managed to get this correct. We don’t get final questions correct in Sporcle tournaments very often! Too bad our only real reward was that the parking in the structure wound up being free (SPOILER)! Probably would have cost us about $8!
Congrats to What the Shibboleth for finishing first. Tanooki Suits finished fifth. I don’t recall the other top spots and frankly, I do not want to dig through my bag for that piece of paper ATM! Eventually y’all will find out who they are! Now leave me alone, I want to go to the bar, pretend to pay attention to sportsballing and drink some beer! This day had some unpleasantness I’d like to begin attempting to wash away! 🙂As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Jeff Sessions!

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