Trivia Recap – June 8, 2019 – YpsiAlehouse (Sporcle Live Semifinals)

So there we were at a trivia semifinals we weren’t even trying to get to in the first place. And playing a game we didn’t think we had a shot of winning. And playing a game leading up to another game where we wouldn’t have enough players even if we made it there. All sounds pretty pointless, doesn’t it? Well, we still came, and saw, and…didn’t do TOO badly!

It was a warm, breezy summer afternoon in Ypsilanti, MI and moods were pretty high all around! Everyone who showed up to play at the YpsiAlehouse WANTED to play! There were no bad moods, even after we found out we didn’t win a finals spot (IKR)! I’m happy team More Beer Less Pants got a finals spot. It’s been…a while since they all played together in a Sporcle finals, and I will genuinely cheer them all on from afar! I thought about visiting this tournament to be a “spectator” or sit in with a needy team, but alas, plans for next weekend have already been inked!

This will be the first Sporcle Live finals we’ve been shut out of since May, 2013…

My team’s lineup included myself, my husband Mike, Brad (our “three amigos”), and rounding out the quintet were Evan (who’s been a “loaner” for a couple of years) and newbie Chris, aka “Lama,” who says he used to play Motor City Trivia in Brighton back in “the day.” We only missed two regular round questions each game, and had the bad luck of getting a final question category about Grammy Awards (ugh)! Grammies (yes that is how I spell it, deal with it LOL) are NOT a strong category for our team. As much as I’ve tried “studying” this category, it just does NOT want to stick in my brain. Kind of like high school algebra, but I digress!

How about some game questions?

Game One

1. Same Name – Mario Lopez, Renee Bargh and Tanika Ray all hosted what TV series that shares its name with a sugar-free chewing gum? Evan slam dunk for 10.

2. Covers – In 2017, Don’t Let Me Down was covered by Joy Williams and was used in a State Farm commecial after being released the following year by what group – which won the Grammy Award for best dance recording for their version? Evan again for 3.

3. Languages – Berserk, Reindeer and Axle all come from a language primarily spoken in what geographic region? 7

4. Soft Drinks – What is the best selling soft drink in the United States beside Pepsi and Coke that is NOT manufactured in the United States? 2

5. Pitchers – Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley pitched for five different teams in his 24 seasons with the MLB during his career. Name one of the two teams for which he played the most seasons, both for a bonus point. Got this for one, no bonus point.

6. United Nations – Of the three European countries that have joined the United Nations since 2000, which was NOT from the Yugoslavia republic? Miss for 6, time to drive that Yugo off the Mackinac Bridge? Too soon? #neverforgetlesliepluharrip

7. Subtitles – What 2016 movie starring Andy Samberg is subtitled “Never Stop Never Stopping?” Miss for 4.

8. Comic Books – Within one, in what decade were the Marvel characters Luke Cage, Punisher and Wolverine all introduced? 9

9. TV Networks – What TV network has aired episodes of Heroes of Cosplay, Ghost Hunters and Face Off? 8

10. Math – What is the second three digit number that is also a perfect square? 5

Mystery – Initials – Answers will be celebrities primarily known by three names, based on the clues including the following initials.


We didn’t have a question about this actress, but what the Hell? Any excuse to use THIS photo in a game recap!

M1 – PSH – Nominated for three Tony Awards, including two for best actor in a play and one for best featured actor in a play

M2 – JJL – Actress whose breakout role was as Stacy Hamilton in Fast Times At Ridgemont High

M3 – SWS – Joined cast of Lethal Weapon for its third season in 2018

M4 – GLN – Got her start on The Price is Right before playing Neely Capshaw on Baywatch

Got all of these, I knew #s 1 and 2, and Chris/Evan took the rest of them away…

Game Two

1. ’60s Hits – What 1967 single by Sonny and Cher was their second highest-charting single after I Got You Babe? We leaned on our “old guy” Brad for this one, but we missed for 1.

2. U.S. States – Of the U.S. states that border the Gulf of Mexico, which one was admitted to the union first? I was balls-on sure of this one, but had to endure being “voir dired” by my teammates…got this for 10. Yay, something I studied involving statehood helped in a trivia tournament! Woot?

3. Actresses – Prior to her main role on a series running from 1994 to 2004, what actress had a main role on Misfits of Science and a recurring role on Family Ties? One of my teammates said they thought this was the actress playing the girlfriend of Alex, and I came up with that correct name. Sadly, this was NOT the name we needed, miss for 3.

4. Magazine Covers – Who appeared on the cover of the first issue of Playboy in December, 1953? Daddy would disown me for missing THIS one! 9

5. Gaming – What video game is central to a 2005 viral video and Internet meme and features a character named Lee Roy Jenkins? 8

6. Directors – Name one of the three feature films directed by Jonathan Demme, with both of them receiving at least one Academy Award nomination. Got one but not both for 7. Lots and lots of movies were “suggested” to me, had the other “right” one been mentioned, we would have gotten both. We put Fabulous Baker Boys as our bonus guess. I knew Demme was fond of casting Michelle Pfeiffer. Turns out this movie is just barely NOT the right decade, and Demme did NOT direct it. Another movie I thought about was Married to the Mob, which WAS directed by Jonathan Demme, but no Oscar nods, and wrong decade.


Michelle Pfeiffer and Alec Baldwin in Married to the Mob.

7. Candidates – In 1988, Ron Paul ran for U.S. president for the first time as a nominee for what political party? 6

8. Recycling – What is the full name of a thermoplastic polymer, designated by PP and the number 5 inside an arrowed triangle signifying its type for recycling? 5

9. MVPs – Who was the only player other than Tom Brady to be named the Super Bowl MVP more than one time in the 21st century? 4

10. World Geography – Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is the lowest lying national capital city and is the most populous city located on what body of water? 2

Mystery – Semi – Or Final

All correct responses will contain either the word “semi” or “final” in their answers.

M1 – Alternative rock band known for their 1998 single Closing Time

M2 – Horror franchise whose first film starred Devon Sawa and was released in 2000

M3 – Native American tribe in Florida that now owns the Hard Rock Cafe chain of restaurants

M4 – Netflix cooking competition show hosted by Andrew Knowlton with its first season released in 2018

Missed #4 (but our guess was really, really close). The chef who was playing with us, Chris, said “I never have time to watch TV, I work 80 hours a week!”

Scores heading into the final:

But Where Did The Lighter Fluid Come From, 90; Let’s Get It, 91; Muzzle Punch, 103; Greenhills Chess Club, 104; Teamy McTeamface, 105; Here for the Beer, 106; One is the Loneliest Number, 106; Lady Business, 107; Bunchicken, 108; ‘Pods/Mellows, 110; Jesus Greg Kinnear, 112; More Beer Less Pants/Slick Rock Rumble, 117; Homoerotic Trivia Montage, 122.

Final Category – Grammy Awards

We wagered zero and prayed that enough teams ahead of us would fail on this question (which would not be the case, but you already knew that, didn’t you)?

Pinetop Perkins is the oldest Grammy Award winner of all time, doing so at the age of 97. Name one of the next two oldest Grammy Award winners, both of whom won their awards within the last 30 years and did so for non-musical albums in the same category.

We put down a woman who won a Grammy for spoken word album in 1994 shortly after she died, which made her a posthumous EGOT winner.


Audrey Hepburn was our guess for the Grammy question…at least it was “somewhat” educated?

Game winners: One is the Loneliest Number, 136; Lady Business, 137 and More Beer Less Pants, 147.

And so with a bit of a sigh of relief we bid adieu to this Sporcle Live trivia season! We’ll see if we have better luck next time? Our next trivial pursuits are TBD at this point, with the players on our team saying they wouldn’t mind taking the week off. Does that mean we won’t do ANY trivia games at all? Of COURSE not! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, that sleazy stereo salesman in Fast Times At Ridgemont High!



One thought on “Trivia Recap – June 8, 2019 – YpsiAlehouse (Sporcle Live Semifinals)

  1. game one answers:

    1. Extra

    2. Chainsmokers

    3. Scandinavia

    4. Dr. Pepper

    5. Oakland As/boston Red Rox

    6. Switzerland

    7. Popstar

    8. 1970s

    9. Syfy

    10. 121

    Mystery – Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Seann William Scott, Gena Lee Nolin

    Game Two

    1. The Beat Goes On

    2. Louisiana

    3. Courteney Cox

    4. Marilyn Monroe

    5. World of Warcraft

    6. Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia, Beloved

    7. Libertarian

    8. Polypropylene

    9. Eli Manning

    10. Caspian Sea

    Mystery – Semisonic, Final Destination, Seminoles, final table

    Final question answer: George Burns, Jimmy Carter

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